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Author Topic: Anyone tried her  (Read 943 times)

Offline mavgoose

""... No sorry, I do not. I've never kissed anyone on the lips before and it's important to me to keep my first kiss special...""

Yeah. Right.
Did ye , Aye ?

£150 an hour. Nae kissing. Nae chance doll.

No I'm keeping my first kiss for my betrothed !!
Fekin dippit wee pretentious hoor 😚

Offline fedor

lol, so you can fuck her up the ass and shoot all over her face but she has never let anyone kiss her because that is "special".  :sarcastic:

TBH I have never understood everyone's fascination with DFK and kissing. Especially when you combine it with OWO. Why on earth would anyone want to kiss and stick their tongue down someone's throat when they have been swallowing other dudes cum all day?  :vomit:

Offline mavgoose


Stick that no. in the search bar & more info will come up.

Offline jimbob11

I saw her before when she had her old profile. Didn't realise she was back.
Description is accurate, about 21 5'10" Great body, pretty face very natural not caked in make up. She said she worked for an agency before, didn't ask which one.
OWO was good with CIM, great eye contact.
Couple of positions, her tits are amazing
she seemed a bit reserved/not that keen, liked to cuddle. I just put it down to being new. Don't think she had any feedback on aw when I saw her.
Was a bit unsure about the no FK as I do enjoy it.
Would see again but only as a plan C/B

Offline Loki

how are they the same WG?

one profile is for a 21 year old, the other is 36.

Am I missing something obvious here?  :wacko:

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