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Author Topic: Parislouise - Glasgow  (Read 689 times)

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Well it has happened, the very worst punt of my life.


Had emailed and agreed a booking two days before but got a few emails back and forth to explain that because of travel they were late so had an agreed today. Had originally booked for earlier in the day, but when I phoned it went straight to voicemail, so sent AW emails and texts, 15mins after the appointment I gave up and decided to go elsewhere.  Unfortunately my other options, all 4 of them were unavailable, so started to make my way home when I got a one ringer from an unknown number, I quickly checked the number and it turned out to be a new number on this profile that must have been added an hour after my original appointment as I kept a look on the profile.

Phoned back and agreed to meet at a new time.  Showed up and walked to the door and heard them say goodbye to the last John, so turned and walked came back a 3mins after the the agreed time and seen the guy walk past me in the hotel hall way.  :dash: :dash: :dash:   A member of the hotel had already been past and asked me if I was ok, which I responded 'yeah just meeting my friend' as I came back the 3mins later the same staff member was at the top of the hall so I felt compelled to chap the door.

Greeted at the door, with a 'who are you!?' by a different girl but a familiar looking girl, I couldn't quiet place the face but it was a fake titted botoxed face much like the walking disaster that is https://www.adultwork.com/2196048     Her friend Paris jumped in and said I forgot I had booked him

They were both pretty drunk, at one time I had to catch Paris from falling over her shoes, was TOLD it had to be 30mins now with both of them as they wanted dinner, I said how much Paris response was 'how much have you got’ being a bit wiser than her I told her £130- £20 less than her solo hour fee that we agreed!  So she turned to her pal and said is that ok with you, which she responded 'yeah! I want him' then gave me a glass off shitty wine, which I didn't ask for but took anyway.

After a quick shower the blonde who looked awful like https://www.adultwork.com/2196048 began to give me owo and licking my balls, even surprised my with the tongue in my ass while her friend , smashed her tits in my face! I eventually threw her off and gave her reverse oral while I a slide a finger up her rude tight ass.

After 10mins Paris was asking was I done yet!  I told her to 'don't be fucking ridiculous' so she said 'well I’ll try harder and go for it'
After cumming in the blondes mouth the other instantly jumped up and said 'right shower you have 10seconds' i jumped in the shower to quickly get out and home ward bound, wasn't even in the shower 30secs before I jumped out and began to put my jeans and shirt on and Paris came in and said 'hurry up!'  Her friend said hurry up grab your stuff as I was putting on my jacket so turned to her and said I’m leaving so to calm herself I won't be back!

Was leaving when Paris said I'm sorry I’ve had a drink and I’m a hungry rude bitch, which I responded 'yep' she gave me a kiss and then said bye

This 30min visit was so bad I will never see another touring girl again, with the exception of https://www.adultwork.com/1135632 and https://www.adultwork.com/1548733    this experience has soured me so bad that it'll only be Glasgow girls and the odd polish girl or American/Colombian

I normally would take a day or two to write a review to allow myself time to give it careful thought with a clear head but I felt this was needed right away to give the honest opinion and support to this forum

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Offline mavgoose

Strange review indeed.
So , was it Orla / elite english blonde  ......
Or someone who looked like her. !!????

not sure, looked like Orla from memory but been awhile since i see her so wasn't sure if it was her or not

Offline chico1000

Timely review thanks for putting it up so quickly.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline RandyF

Dreadful mate.  Lowlife skanks whoever they are.  Why'd you hang around though?  Your in a hotel, the last thing they'd do is cause a scene. They fucked you over for 130 quid, you didn't short change her 20.

Strikes me they only abused you cause it dawned on them at the door, you weren't for walking.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline mavgoose

Certainly sounds like Orla. Drink , abuse , causing a scene.
Timely review indeed.

no problem Chico, I take from this forum I got to put in as well, and this is the greatest contribution i ever could have made

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