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Author Topic: A day of frustration!  (Read 460 times)

Offline JJ1979

How difficult can it be to find a hoor to meet that actually answers her phone or emails!  :dash:

I'm rubbish at attaching links so apologies for the names only but all in Edinburgh. After not getting hold of Maisie on Saturday I tried Holly_Rude this morning. Phone switched off and no reply to text, next I mail The Blowjob Queen, no reply either. Finally I see a new Scottish hoor called LeslieScot. She has a cracking body from her photos and has some recent feedback from guys with a fair amount of feedback so all good I thought. Call her early afternoon and she answers just like she has just got out of bed. Ask her if she is available today and told no tomorrow. Ask her half hour rate, £80 she says, then asks me which area of Edinburgh I am from which I tell her. She slurringly says she likes people from there and would I like her to come to me tonight??!! :wacko: say to her I thought she wasn't available until tomorrow and she says she could drive to me, before I have time to answer she asks me if I am horny?! Fuck that I thought and put the phone down, such a pity as she looks superb but the slurring and erratic behaviour put me right off.

So I have got absolutely nowhere today unless I want to pay £100 for a half hour with a few of them that look decent which I'm not prepared to do. Shouldn't be this difficult you would imagine!  :thumbsdown: 
Banning reason: Previously banned (PS20, SP1010) + Most likely woman posing as punter

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