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Author Topic: Karismah ebony escort Hackney  (Read 1381 times)


I'm in London end of the month and like the look of this babe. Anyone been to see her recently..?

Any recent intelligence on this young lady?

Offline drwho

If that's how she thinks you spell "Charisma" then I'd say probably not a lot of intelligence

Offline char45

Bumping this to see if anyone has seen her?

Saw her last year. She's a bit older than the photos suggest but her service was decent. Only annoying this was she was late and had forgot the condoms so had to go back out or get some.

Saw her a couple times in July.

Once for a one-on-one session, and once we did a MMF threesome with her and a fellow punter Gspotter.

Both times were absolutely great. She's a very friendly, bubbly girl with a very positive attitude, always with a smile, no clock-watching or anything like that. Genuine GFE. Likes long petting, kissing, DFK, and so on... Also had no problem whatsoever with me finishing in her mouth.

Beautiful face and a smile. Huge tits. Might be slightly chubbier than the photos suggest, but I'm easily willing to forego that for a really great attitude.

During the threesome we even tried a DP with he. Didn't go very smooth but only because me and my friend were not really experienced in that area :D

She was well up for it, did her best to accommodate us, and we had a good laugh all the time.

Overall - might have been one of my best experiences with a prostitute ever. And I've had quite a few, in many different countries.

If I lived in London, I'd be her regular client.

Offline char45

Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback

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