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Author Topic: Mistress Alexandra - Request for info on services  (Read 219 times)

Offline Rick2468


I am not sure if this post will go down well so I'll say I come in peace.

I have basically fancied Alexandra for about 10 years. She totally nails the busty blonde look and is natural. I have never seen her as I want sexual services which states she does not offer. However I heard a story of another London Domme who charges a similar price and does offer hand relief despite stating she doesnt on her profile. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is common practice?

Also I have subscribed to her videos and have seen videos of her burying a man's face in her cleavage which is hot. However I know this does not mean she will do it with a random punter.

Furthermore I know from her Twitter that she used to work at For Your Eyes Only. And I have also seen a comment from someone that she is a good fuck. Although I know this was from an internet fantasist.

I know she is expensive but I would so go for it if she did offer sexual services. I'd even pay just to play with her breasts a bit. Has anyone heard how far she goes or whether no means no in her case.


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