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Author Topic: First time WG's  (Read 599 times)

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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had any luck booking a girl the day there profile appears on AW? I have noticed quite often the profile disappears a day or two later or she is never back online which makes me think she is either desperate for the cash and gives up when she has made enough to pay her rent or she chickens out.

I have tried loads of times and had a couple of successes, the first one was a girl in glenrothes who said she just needed some cash to get her buy for a couple of weeks and was a really good punt. She was very willing to please and even took it in the ass when it wasn't on her likes list. She has popped back on a couple of times just for a couple of days but I haven't managed to catch her again.
The next one was a car meet in dunfermline, I picked her up at a bus stop near the cinima where she was waiting with her friend who came over with her to my car to get a look at me and see that she would be ok. She was only 18 and looked it, I even asked for her I.d. as she looked so young and she showed me her provisional driving licence. I drove about 10 minutes away to a quiet woods and parked up, we got in the back, stripped off and got on with things but got interrupted by her friend calling to check she was ok. Looks wise she was lovely, just a cute girly girl but she was obviously very inexperienced but so firm and tight I didn't really care. I asked her what made her do this and she said she had been dared to by her friend and she needed a new phone so gave it a go.
We ran over time a fair bit and when I took her back she asked if I could drop her and her friend off at the end of her street which I did.
I saw her again the next night but after that her profile disappeared.

I like the idea of being a girls first punt or getting a girl who is just an average girl trying it out or doing a one off to get by.

I have also tried to make quite a few bookings and never got anywhere and even been texted back when I was outside a girls flat in Edinburgh and told she couldent do it.

Does anyone else go for these fresh profiles or is it just me?

Smashing post mate brings back memories of easily my best ever punt.About 5 years ago I was a regular of Geri girl who organised and done parties.Had the horn this Saturday morning and phoned geri to see if she was available said she wasn't but two young ayrshire university lassies were just about to start that day and you my friend would be the ideal first punter how would you like both for a ton for hh?
I says am on ma way!
Couldn't believe my luck a wee blonde and a wee brunette late teens fekin gorgeous both.
Without going on to much it was incredible they were into it as much as me turned on like hell.
30 mins became an hour every hole every way .
Can't remember names but the blonde jacked it in quick but the brunette hung around every other Saturday for a few months

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