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Author Topic: Busty Leanne MILF  (Read 2088 times)

Offline Georgesamy

was wondering if anyone has seen busty Leanne milf of ingleby barwick? Sorry can't include link at this time.
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No different lasses, the aw leanne is a great fuck trust me, just hard to catch.

Offline Big Black Rod

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Offline Still-alive

Not been to this lady but have looked at her ad a few times and been tempted, she looks ok and is only a 20 min drive from me.
 Few things obvious on her profile, first off she can't spell or use punctuation for toffee, so probably not too educated. Second, she says she lives alone on one line then describes herself as a bored housewife on another, bit contradictory. Also her profile says Ingleby Barwick in one place and Thornaby in another, my guess is Thornaby is the correct one.
Must say her pics are very good and professional looking. Pity she didn't get somebody else to write the profile.
If I ever go there I'll certainly put a review on the site.
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