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Author Topic: Anna - Chelmsford  (Read 522 times)

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Offline TheBSG


Comms were nice and simple, English is very good.

Location is the same one used by Sensual Isabelle opposite the police station.

Anna is into her 40's but quite well looked after, clean and groomed. The two major issues though are that she has no tits at all and her stomach is 'weird'. No stretch marks just lots of 'folds' despite being flat, I guess it is cellulite but I'm no expert.

Also was a faint but noticeable fag smell.

Pussy was completely shaven and clean, sex was energetic but FK was poor. She didn't really FK and kept poking her tongue out and licking.

I did think of giving a neutral based on her cheap hourly rate but the smell of fags, lack of tits, FK technique and stomach all add up

1 review(s) found for Anna~ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sorry to hear about this.

I called Anna a year ago to meet, but when I found out the address was the same as Isabelle I remembered that the house stunk of cigarettes so I didn't make a booking. I then remembered a previous review of Anna (possibly on her AW feedbaack, perhaps a different profile) saying that she didn't do OWO or she made it clear she doesn't enjoy it.

Offline ramrodronnie

Sounds like one to swerve. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry to hear about you're crap punt OP. This one won't be going on to my HL.  :hi:
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