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Author Topic: Blond_Samantha89 - Birmingham  (Read 1617 times)

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Offline dboy74

Meet - 30-minute incall
Location - Residential apartment just Broad Street, Birmingham
Price - £60


This meet took place early September, but have been waiting for Samantha's profile to reactivate before posting my review.

Initial comms via call and then she text me straight afterwards with postcode. She lives in a very nice and tidy second floor apartment just off Granville Street.

She asked that I call her 2 hours before the meet to confirm still going ahead which I did.Arrived and Samantha answered the door in the white lingerie in her profile pic along with white high heels. She is attractive (very slight hooked nose) blonde straight hair and curvy figure. 

Be prepared to have a shower even if freshly showered beforehand. It was kinda insisted upon but it got me OWO so no issues from me  :) Returned to the bedroom and she soon dropped the towel I was wearing and after some light FK we moved onto the bed. She also then removed her clothing. Her best feature are clearly her breasts. They are big but very firm and no sagging at all. She does have inverted nipples so had some fun sucking on them to make them 'pop out'  ;) She lay on the bed while I knelt on it beside her. She gave excellent OWO plus plenty of ball sucking. In the meantime I was gently fingering her clit.

We then moved into 69 & it did not take long for her to cum quite loudly as well. She said straight after ''that was very nice, thank you'. All I could think of in response was to say 'my pleasure!'  :D

She put the mac on dboy junior and she moved into cowgirl. Wow seeing those boobs bouncing up and down is a memory I will take to the grave   I gently pulled her face to mine during this and her kissing became more DFK with some nice tongue action. Finally we finished off in doggy and I could not hold on any more. 

We had a brief chat afterwards and I took a shower to freshen up. She is definitely not a clock watcher and I over ran by 10 minutes. I noticed as the meet progressed she became more friendlier and responsive so I think she is a little guarded initially while she is sussing you out.I would definitely see her again and for an hour next time.

Happy punting  :hi:

16 review(s) found for Blond_Samantha89 linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

I love how her face goes red when she cums, if she's faking it then she is a true method actor & it's a Oscar worthy performance.  This young lady is insatiable once you get her going.

I have to agree, it's sheer joy watching those tits jump up & down.  Glad you had a good punt buddy.  If you do book her for an hour next time, prepare to be cream crackered!!

Offline dboy74

She definitely enjoyed the oral and as you say must be one hell of an actor if it is not genuine.

Offline Juankerr

Great review mate  :thumbsup:

Would I be right in thinking this wasn't booked on the day as she asked you to phone on the day to re-confirm?

Offline dboy74

Thanks, Juan.

It was booked on the same day. Originally called around 10am for a 6pm meet, but asked me to call again around 4 to confirm still on.

Not sure if this is standard practice or because it was first time meeting her, so did not know if I was reliable.

I can highly recommend her  :thumbsup:

Offline samsung1

Was she very strict about you touching your penis while the condom was on?

She got angry with me touching my penis because the condom kept falling off, asked if I could bring my own she reputedly didn't allow me to so I just went along with the punt because I had no other option.

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