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Author Topic: New Polish Lady  (Read 1100 times)

Hi there guys anybody got any info on this lady, she looks kinda alright


Bareback on her likes list mate. While there is a good chance Sergei may have listed it without her offering it, I would not take the chance...she may be a petri dish of god knows what. Second to that do you really want to be stirring some other punters porridge mate even if your spoons covered?  :vomit:

In other words, Gi it a dodge big yin!
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Very true, never noticed she did bareback thought her being polish and not Romanian he might be a little better I need to read profiles and enjoys list more. Thanks for the heads up. My last punt was a total disaster so really careful from now on

Yeah I know how you feel mate. Had a bad one recently with Nicole! being alot more carefull going forward from now on. Edinburgh seems so dry of quality at the moment.

Funny you should say that mine was in Edinburgh, I really should have seen the danger signs, think my cock was thinking that night 

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She doesnt read emails either. Attitude issues. Safe for plan b or c for those willing to book
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Bigyin it's those disaster punts we would like to see reviews off. Can you give us a link and say why she was not delivering the goods.

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