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Author Topic: "VICKYxMASSAGE" In Nottingham ... Anyone had the pleasure?  (Read 761 times)

Offline sireel

Have any of you seen this girl?...
 AW profile 2975843. (someone help me out with the link please, my phone won't let me)

she looks great, but hasn't replied to my text. Her mobile number just brings up an ad on gumused for apparently the same girl.
Just wondered if anyone here could tell me if i'm wasting my time? Cheers

Offline sireel

Haha... That's gumtree, not "gumused"... Bloody predictive text!

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Offline Cum2quick

I went to see her a few weeks ago. Safe clean flat just off Mansfield rd. close to the city centre.
Nice set up but a lack lustre service. Light massage no real skills and a disinterested hand job.
I am sure she used to offer full service about a year ago in the flats near the trian station. (Equally lack lustre)
It was ok but there is much better out there. Black beauty for one. That is a massarge😀😀

Offline j122

Mind sticking that in a review  :hi:

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