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Author Topic: -xHannahx- Massage - Wolverhampton  (Read 3295 times)

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Offline dboy74

Meet -  1-hour incall
Location - Residential, Wolverhampton
Price - £70


This meet took place earlier this week.

I have seen Hannah numerous times in 2013 & early 2014 when she was escorting, but not since she changed services.

Massages with HE had not really appealed to me previously, but thought if anyone could convince me of their merits it would be Hannah. How right I was  :D

Comms prior to meet were of the usual high standard via AW and text. On the day arrived at the address and shown into the room by Hannah, who was dressed in the stockings and suspenders I had requested.

I stripped off completely and made myself comfortable lying face down on the massage table.

Hannah started off massaging across my back, down each leg, feet and arms. The initial part of the meet was what I would expect a traditional massage to be. Hannah applied just the right amount of pressure to ease any tension in and get me nice and relaxed.

Towards the end of this part she started working her magic on my ass, gently touching my balls and cock. Hannah was also kissing up and down my back. She had also removed her bra, so could feel her nipples stroking across my back as she kissed. At this point dboy junior started to take a bigger role in the meet  ;)

Hannah then asked me to turn over onto my front and continued the massage. Again initially focussing on my legs, feet, arms and now this time my hands also. She then moved on to my chest and applied light kisses to my nipples.

TBH I was really getting the horn and the build up was getting me more and more turned on. Hannah then started to concentrate on my inner thighs and groin before slowly taking my cock and gently wanking it. She lightly kissed my balls and shaft before continuing to wank me more vigorously while we had some FK.

During this time I let my hands wonder and Hannah seemed to enjoy the clit stimulation I was giving to her  ;)

Finally I could not hold out any longer and had probably the most intense cum shot I have ever had  :yahoo:

Hannah kindly tidied me up and we had a chat and catch up to end the meet.

Beforehand I would not have believed that a massage could be so erotic and sexually stimulating, but can definitely see now why many members rave about it.

I will definitely be seeing Hannah again and can confirm that while the services have changed her high standards have not  :hi:

31 review(s) found for -xHannahx-  linked to in above post (31 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Stapler

Welcome to the club! Welcome to FBSM

..the happy ending brigade that think being tossed off and massages isn't visiting a prossie !

Welcome WEIRDO!

the weird happyenders

Admin note: Despite the mistaken belief of some, this member may act like a moderator but they are NOT A MODERATOR.

Nice review.

I really must go and see Hannah.

Unfortunately I missed the chance when she was escorting and now I am kicking myself.

Like the though of French kissing though whilst having a massage..

Offline Diehard

So does she now do snogging during appointments? I assume sex still off the menu?

Offline dboy74

So does she now do snogging during appointments? I assume sex still off the menu?

FK did happen but definitely not a snogfest!

Sex is definitely not on the menu.

Offline Diehard

FK did happen but definitely not a snogfest!

Sex is definitely not on the menu.

That's a shame as when I saw her she was the best snogger I've ever met, saliva dripping everywhere for over two hours.

Offline Dodo

So does she now do snogging during appointments? I assume sex still off the menu?
Snogging !! Snogging!!        Isn't that what you do behind the bike shed at school   :(
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Offline bod666

Just got back from seeing Hannah for an hour massage and it was AMAZING!

I hadn't seen her since her original days of escorting and it was great, she pretended to remember me ;) and we had a really good catch up. I'd forgotten what a genuine nice warm person she is.

The location is good, it's Hannah's house in a quiet residential area. The massage takes place in a room on the ground floor set up for massages so it has a good atmosphere.

The massage itself was v similar to as previously described (hence not putting a new review). As I hadn't seen her in mAny years we chatted through the massage so I didn't really relax into it or get too erotically charged but the ending more than made up for that! Wow that was incredible - never had a happy ending with the kissing at the same time - I think I may have hit my chin with my release... Very good indeed.

For my money - this was probably the best erotic massage I've experienced... Better than erotic tantra (Christina) who was my previous favourite, and better than karen of Worcester.

If only hAnnah didn't live so far away from me :(

Offline dboy74

Pleased you had a great time, Bod  :thumbsup:

Never had a massage with HE before but will definitely be seeing Hannah again.

Offline bod666

She's probably spoiled you for all others ;) doubt if you'll find another to live up to that  :yahoo:

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