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Author Topic: Mei Chen Nuru Massage - Birmingham  (Read 4890 times)

5 review(s) for Mei Chen (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I've been wanting to try Nuru for a while and had two options available.  Hot Marta who has had mixed reviews and nothing positive recently or Mei Chen.

Decided on Mei Chen as I was in the area.  Paid £120 for one hour's Nuru massage with full service.

https://www.adultwork.com/3131677 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mei+Chen

Contacted Mei via email a couple of days before hand to see if she was available and to confirm services.  She confirmed availability and asked to contact her via text to book or do it through AW.

On the day I sent her a text to make the booking.  Waited 30 mins with no response so called her.  She did not answer but sent me a text from another number asking what time I would like to book for and the services required.  I replied asking for Nuru for 1 hour.  She replied affirmative and sent the postcode, Road and building number.

I finished up where was about 50 minutes early and sent her a text asking if I could come 30 minutes earlier.  She said OK.

The block of flats are fairly new, there is quite a bit of on road paid for parking available.  I was already at the Mailbox so walked the 10 minutes to her.  A sent her a message letting her know I was outside, got a quick text back with the flat number.

Pressed the buzzer to her flat, main door opened and I made my way up to her.

Knocked on the door, she did the usual hiding behind it.  As soon as I stepped inside, she revealed herself wearing sexy black lingerie.  She's a little young Asian girl, petite with a small belly.  However for an Asian girl she does have a large set of tits on her.

Greeting out of the way, she held my hand and led me to the bedroom.  Using her very broken English, she asked what was I after.  Confirmed I was after Nuru with full service.  I handed over the money, at which point she asked me to undress and lie on the bed.  She then left the room.

The Room
The room is a good size one, it's clean.  It has a large wardrobe with mirrors.  I was able to use the mirrors to watch the entire experience.  There a small cupboard to lay clothes on.  Two single beds in the room butted together, one was covered in rubber sheeting. 

The experience
I lay down on the rubber sheeting, a few minutes later she walked in and undressed.  The body is good, quite smooth.  The tits are wonderful.  The felt natural and big; I wanted to bury my head between them but thought I'd wait until later.  He pussy is hairy, it looked like it had never been trimmed.

Mei then pulled out the Nuru gel, she made a point of showing me the bottle it came in.  She mixed it with something and applied the warm gel all over my body and massaged it in.  After a bit of time, she then applied the gel over her tits and body and proceeded to rub her self all over my back and ass.  Watching this in the mirror was something I'm likely to never forget.  Almost like watching a porn movie but I was in it.  There was a lot of playing and touching between the legs which just got me harder and even hornier.  I was allowed to touch, but this does detract some what.

She then asked me to turn over and proceeded to rub her body and those tits all over my front.  Several times she swiped her nipples across my mouth.  I did reach up a few times but was told no fingering.  I did kiss her, but it was closed mouth only and only pecking from her.  When she realised I was gagging for it, she gave me a tit fuck.

On with the condom and she sucked me.  Mei then gestured missionary, I said no and asked for cowgirl.  I eventually had to gesture to her before she understood what I was after, then on to doggy and finally missionary.  Though she did perform, it was a bit lacklustre; I did not cum and asked her to finish off the massage with some more BJ and a hand job, whilst she was sucking me off I did get her to allow me to lick her pussy out.  Unfortunately, the hair was off putting.   Eventually shot my load on to her tits and she let it dribble on to her hands too.

The after event
Using an app on her phone (it translated to and from English but you had to speak into it) she asked if I wanted a shower.  I asked if she would join me.  She did not understand so I spoke it into her phone.  She responded OK and off to the shower we went.

The shower was clean with a few men products.  We both walked into the shower and lathered each other up with some play.  A nice touch was that she even dried me off. 

Back to the bedroom, we had a brief chat using the phone app.  A few bizarre comments were made by her, one being she felt very secure with me!

I got dressed, she led me out of the flat and off on my merry way I went.

Great tits
Nice body
For a first experience, the Nuru was good.
Nice assisted shower
Did I mention she had great tits

That's one hairy pussy
Kissing was non existent
Sex was OK, a bit mechanical
English was very poor, the translation using her phone was quite funny

Would I go again?
Not sure about this one.  I've had punts in the past where as soon as it's over I've tried to forget them.  Other punts I've reminisced about and enjoyed in my head on the journey back.  This was one of those where I did not have the euphoric "I've just had a great fuck" but at the same time did not feel negative about it.
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5 review(s) found for Mei Chen linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jamesian

The fact she felt secure with you should be taken as a compliment. With her lack of English she must occasionally get frightened.
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As compliment it's nice, just seemed to be bizzare thing for a WG to say.

Offline jamesian

I think you'll find they meet the odd nutter so if they do feel safe maybe they will want you to know
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Offline A.Chou85

Met her aswell, also found the assisted shower a bonus as i didn't ask and wasn't expecting it.

Communication with her can be difficult as her Eng is v.poor and it's funny that she uses the translate app.

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