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Author Topic: Antonia ice  (Read 625 times)

Offline whoflungdung

I know she's not in the south west region but we know how these girls tend to move about from time to time and/or do the odd tour down this way,
I'm wondering whether any of you travelling guys have actually seen this girl and care to share what she's like in the flesh,
I've been watching her profile for some time now and think i would like to meet her at some point,
Sent her a message a while back to ask if she ever planned on visiting the south west and never even got a reply so the comms are clearly lacking, any input on her?

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Offline Johny Stone

7 negative reviews from 8 right under your post  :D
I wouldn`t bother.

Offline whoflungdung

Cheers mate thank god for this site.
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Offline Roth

Romanian.  :scare:  Says it all.  :scare: :bomb:

Offline Bingobango

I arranged a meet once an when I arrived was told by a different girl that she was busy an I could see her instead or wait. No idea of time or what I was waiting for so left it at that.

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