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Author Topic: Sweet & Tempting..... Time Wasting & Dead Fish more like  (Read 593 times)

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Offline tig75

Ok i'm going to admit i'm a moron from the start, i asked for advice on here and most agreed she was too good to be true.... but cheltenham been a punting desert i decided to ignore my own instincts and advice and take one for the team....

so here is the lady


I decided to go for an hour for £150 as i find some girls dont give a shit for a half hour booking. This girl doesnt seem to give a shit full stop....

So first start coms on tuesday after reading her profile i asked about thursday availablity per her profile after a bit of back and forth found out as it's half term she was working friday which was fine with me, we agreed 11 on friday. She then sends me a text on thursday to check i'm coming etc and then says she needs to make it 12 as that is earliest she can check in (interesting as i found out later she uses that apartment alot so surely knew her times)

So on the day i get there about 5 mins early and sit in car, just as i preparing to call her she calls me, basically she has just arrived at 12 (i can hear her car beeping in the background), says she will call me when she is ready. At 12:15 she finally text me and i wander over. Got into apartment through door with code, to find a cleaners stuff everywhere and a general stink. Was let into room and same stink, which Emily apologised about (was of damp). Not sure why this girl still uses the place if she doesnt like the smell etc, as she has been using it for at least 5 months. Apart from it is cheap shit hole.

The girl herself i would say late 20s early 30s, typical blonde who has mummy weight. She is curvy with some nice tats and a reasonable set of fake tits. She does have quite big teeth is the only other thing that might put you off. But generally i would say about 7/10 as i'm not a great fan of that curvy (size 12 i would suggest). She was dressed in a tight back dress which was a good look for her.

This was our first meet so i was happy to have a 5 min chat, this girl on the other hand likes to talk, clear wants to turn a hour appointment into a 30 min appointment (or as it turns out a 15 min appointment as i found out later). So she starts talking shit about the crap apartment, how she profile isnt verified on AW as she used to work for a woman who has a profile she hasnt taken down that she used to use. Best part of that was that apparently the profile used pics that werent her (great she was happy to be a bait & switch girl.... the name on that profile was apparently jess and she used it about 5 months ago). Then got the whole thing about living in Birmingham and working in Cheltenham and preferring the punters here. Then her phone went off, and she answered it to sort out her step daughters lunch, proceeded by a apology and a rant about her compared to her son. So this all took another 15 mins, so we are now at 12:30, finally she decides to close the curtain which have been open with view onto the street at ground level.

So we strip off and i get more of a look at her, as i say nice enough. Onto action (or lack of it), so as you can see she doesnt like much but i thought maybe she is one of those girls that has more but doesnt let on to everyone. I was soooooooooooooooooo wrong, peck kissing, bit of stroking my cock during, then kissed inner thigh, kiss on balls, on with condom shit covered bj not deep could hardly feel anything which stopped after maybe 3 mins if that, then invited to get on top so she could lay on bed like dead fish for 5 mins got bored so stopped and asked her to get on top this is where she needs to reflect on her fitness level she managed about 4 bounces spaced over next five mins with weird and crap rotation stuff in between as she clearly could keep up, she tried to get up a little higher and work my head which i will admit wasnt bad but wasnt long enough to achieve anything. At this point she clearly decided to end it as i had had my time in her, she jumps off without warning and grabs my cock and starts a very hard handjob with the condom on after a 1 min of this she decides to up the effort (again probably coz she was getting tired) so she licks my balls at this point i'm bored, worried she might rip my cock off so i start thinking about better punts so i produce a little which was so little she almost missed it and carries on!!!! Back on with clothes and leave as clearly there was no chance of a round two as she was getting dressed before me. Oh and she is a wet wipe girl so if your stupid enough to see her i suggest first of the day, she with be fresher and might have some energy.

Simply the worst punt i've ever had when it hasnt been european girl or bait and switch. I told the girl about this site so hopefully she reads this as she needs to give it up as she doesnt like it, isnt capable of it and isnt organised enough to do it!!!  :manhater:

Sorry for the poor english btw bit pissed off and dyslexia doesnt help!!!

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Offline tig75

oh should say i was back in carr by 12:45!!!!

Did she wear the 'wow' mask during?

was going to book her the over week glad i didnt now,

Offline Roth

Fucking pricey at £150ph with no anal and no OWO/CIM.  :scare: :dash: :wackogirl:

Offline PaintBrush

Great review Tig.

Sorry it was so shit for you, but really appreciate the feedback to save the rest of us having a similar experience.

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