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Author Topic: Amy EverWet - Derby  (Read 993 times)

Offline j122

I don't know why but something seems familiar about the pics, though no hits on RIS or the number  :unknown:

Could be the start of the girls who appear around Xmas time for the extra cash....

Sent her email but not been read..

Offline _Bender_

Ah... Shame, I was thinking of giving her a try next week  :(

Odd profile, the use of capitals mid-sentence, placing quote marks around "2 minutes from train station". Spelling Centre with an 'er' rather than 're'. Another profile created within a day. I suspect a PG scam.

Offline _Bender_

Dont thinks it a PG scam as I've been in contact to confirm services, no anal, or owo so I presume cim is out of the question. [Info about social networking profile removed by admin]

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