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Author Topic: Donata Kent (Gravesend)  (Read 905 times)

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This is my 1st review on here and after reading some topics and reviews I thought I will do my bit and sign up and post a review.

Saw Donata today, saw her profile on AW and with the review on here and thought I would give it a go. I don't usually go with EE girls because of bad service in the past. I prefer Asian girls because of the better service they give and some give a good massage after to fill out the time.

Her flat is on the east side area of Gravesend above some shops. I called when I was there and she met me by the door. The hallway and steep stairs leading up to her flat reminded me of a Soho walk up. Her flat is slightly better than the hallway with a clean bathroom and uncomfortable bed. Could hear someone else moving about in another room.

Donata is the girl in the photos but has blonde high lights in her hair. Body was nice, not skinny and had a good proportion of boobs and bum. She has some tattoos behind her ear, arm and chest below her left breast.

Not very talkative, only gave one word answers when I trying to make conversation. On the phone when booking asked if OWO was on offer for a 30 minute booking which she said yes.

In the bedroom handed over the £60 and started with the action. She does light kissing not DFK but this doesn't really bother me. On to the oral and she put a condom on, I said to her that she said OWO was included in 30 minutes. She said no, was disappointed as I was fresh from the shower and gave the fella a little trim. If she didn't want to do it so no put in arguing about it. OW was a bit toothy and more hand job then her sucking. I had enough and started with her on top which was boring and she expected me to do all the work. So turned her over and started pounding her, she was doing the over the top moans and squeezing of her pussy which felt good and I shot my load. She gave me a pack of wipes and box of tissues to clean myself and I had to get up and put it all in the bin.

15 minutes had gone and it was massage time, this was very poor and lasted for a few minutes then she let out a big sigh and laid on the bed. I ask her if she was finished and got no reply. I asked again and she turned away from me. With about 10 minutes left I just got up and got dressed. She put all her clothes on (no shower then) and opened the front door for me without a word.

Very disappointed with the punt and wished I only done a 15 minute booking so she would of got half the money.

2 review(s) found for Candy hoot linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I was considering seeing her, would it have been good value at £30 for 15min?

Offline Twix

15 minutes for £30 would be better value but remember the service is not best.

I wonder if it's the same girl I saw a while back. Although I gave her a negative, she was a really good snogger.

Advert is fake, the real girl is this https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3135737 - Romanian and service sucks
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