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Author Topic: Lejla Beby  (Read 669 times)

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Offline pdq

https://www.adultwork.com/3080457 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lejla+Beby

staying at the hotel on junc 37 of m1 ( Tarn Junction)

Asked to go to a level and text from there - spotted sergi as i got out of the lift  - then sent room number by girl (longer wait than i felt comfortable with but less than 5 min)

She is the one in the picture - slim firm and with soft skin - hair done up in a bun - seemed pleasant and easy to talk to

Once in sorted out cash as etc and went for a shower - when I came out she was naked on the bed waiting - Stood her up to I can run my hand over her arse and body while kissing (not a huge kisser but okay).

Okay punt as it goes - sexy body - definitely in top 10% of EE i have had

Moved on the bed where she straddled me brushing her breasts against me and her groin against me changing to sort of dry hump - took direction really well and i was soon enjoying a bj.  Had her gagging a few times, but not into hard deep throating. 

Good body loved running my hands over her does nothing to stop you fingering and touching. 
Took direction well  - fucked missonary , doggy , her on cowboy.

Makes the right noises at the right time but didn't over do it. 

only con - I said in texts i wanted anal  - in text responses it was yes 100% face to face it was dependent upon size - but no lub and she was not lubed up so it didn't happen. ( could be she decided i was too big, so just said no lub etc) bit surprised as she had loads on condoms and I get the feeling as i started to leak precum, she wanted to do covered oral.

Finally cim but as soon as she tasted it it was pull back and closed mouth rubbing me against her lips etc - quick relax and chat then had a quick sluice of in the shower

Out of her room 58 minutes after getting the text with the number
her aw fb
i had no problem with the meeting - no phone going - willing to do all i want - certainly does not match the fb others wrote - no pressure to leave - as i wrote before easy going pleasant, nice smile. 
But to be honest i only found it while writing this and  if I had seen it before I would not have seen her 

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2 review(s) found for Lejla Beby linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

How much did you pay? Profile says £60 an hour but £100 an hour if you want gfe, owo, anal etc?

Offline wristjob

Yeha I was looking at seeing her yesterday, might see if she's still there Fri. How much and what were extras.

Funny thing with feedback like that you would expect her to create a new profile.

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