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Author Topic: Harrogate girl on tour  (Read 558 times)

Anyone got any opinions/experience of this girl? https://www.adultwork.com/3028198

I've booked to see her on Monday while she's on tour in London, sent through a face pic with no hassle and I'm very pleased with the result. Words of praise or warning would be much appreciated.

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Giving this a quick bump. I'm now torn between seeing Harrogate girl who is only 25 minutes away and Poppycock https://www.adultwork.com/2379956 who is over an hour away.

Poppycock is the safer bet as her reviews here have been great but Harrogate is a one time opportunity as she's on tour and her face pic was extremely attractive.

What would YOU do?

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Offline Tonyleung

I'd do Harrowgate girl as it's a one off and it sounds like you have an itch to scratch OFJ.

Then when budget resets/allows go do poppycock :)

I've had to abort the whole bloody thing because of my stupid pissing job.

I've had to abort the whole bloody thing

Commiserations. To me H/gate girl looks hornier than Poppycock. Maybe she'll come down again :unknown:

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