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Author Topic: Brighton Belles - £80 for a wank strain, thanks!  (Read 1138 times)

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Offline zed411


I just happened to be in the town and thought I would give it another go, I used to live in the town but gave up on the place a couple of years ago and in fact I think I emailed them pointing out that I really do not appreciate spending £80 on a wank strain and I pretty much figured they would not have appreciated that but there again, I  did not appreciate such f ing crap service for the nth time.

I went back the other night to the new premises in Waterloo street, a good place if they like you I guess the implication being that the guy without the leg, is viewed as a waste of space.

The hospitality was fine and I found myself in a small room near the entrance and the girls came in one by one as usual.

But, they did the usual, they put there face in for a second if that and then disappeared which meant there was nothing base any decision on and effectually meant that they were not interested at all anyway and yes there was only £80 or £160 at stake so no big deal.

So, as so many appeared for half a second, how was a decision to be made for the thing that is most important to me is the frequency at which the girls mind is working on, for ‘harmonization’ is important,  rule one for big orgasms and a good fuck, ‘beat on the same frequency’.

But no, this was not on the menu, of course I was going to be ripped off, again.

I chose a girl, well in fact I just said the last one who came in as you may well have just said any of them.

She flummoxed in, sat on the bed next to me, gave me a look from hell and said she did not do oral without and I would have to choose another girl.

The hospitality reappeared, I just said anyone who will do oral without but they came filling in again, I tried to ask the first a question to which she replied, oh no, no, no, you have to chose again.

Great, so here we have girls playing some type of protocol rule game, I have, to do,  what they say ?

Again, the bad attitudes appeared, and I am being treated like a piece of crap.

By, this time there really was no point choosing as the thing that came to see them (who really does have a huge amount of energy to bring to the table, bed or staircase ), already, knows what’s more than likely going to happen.

The girl I eventually chose, came in and all of a sudden seemed to be someone who was not really that interested in sex.

I showed the girl something I had made that evens up my knees, a fury fluffy tiger furred covered add on that does exactly what it is supposed to that puts me into a position I can fuck with. But however polite the conversation was, she was touching my cock in a very light hearted manner, there was no way this was going to shoot its load if it was only going to be pissed around with.

It might sound odd to those who don’t have a limb missing but to me it’s the way I am since I was twenty three, so its normal and I have been practicing Karate and chi kung for a long time, so I am quite hard, chi kung likes a good fuck and makes everything very hard but,  apparently if you show the girls in a parlour a guy with a limb missing they don’t take them, particularly seriously.

I gave up on the event about ten minutes into it and let her carry it on to a really horrible finish and yes, left with a wank strain that I still have.

So, I guess, writing this review, is burning another bridge and if they actually want to make amends they can do so next time I am in town as at the end of the day, they are a Brighton firm in the same way that some of my relatives and ex wife are, my ex wife being part of the Preston street gang but that’s going back a long time.

A firm is a firm and are free to take the piss but you know, I do not find it that amusing. So what am I saying, here, well like I said at the beginning, if they like you you’ll be okay, as I figure, quite simply, the management is telling the girls to treat me like a piece of crap.

And the girls do what the management tell them.

Banning reason: "Deranged"

Yoo too?
Thought it was just me....  :unknown:
Its a long winded threat to the Brighton Massive From The Preston Massive init !

Offline yorkshire123

What's a wank strain?
Does it render the sufferer with the inability to tell a coherent story?

Come to think about it I could be suffering from it too  :(
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Online Happyjose

It is a bit difficult to understand, but if the OP has a disability and is struggling to find a professional try http://www.tlc-trust.org.uk/

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