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Author Topic: Summer of amour  (Read 827 times)

Offline Rod trotter

Anyone been to see the beaut yet? Looks really nice.


nope but be aware she may be working with olivia in wallsend, 2 in a flat/house

may be wrong but just ask before you book, cant find anything on her, nee tits
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looks nice but them pics from amour are a little too glossy and photoshopped for my liking

looks hot, just depends on the service levels

I'm sure she's worked for them before, I recognise the top photo.

Offline neilrich3

Same stats and approximate location as LaylaJones on Adultwork, photos very similar.

Offline OscarC

I'm sure she's worked for them before, I recognise the top photo.

Yeah she last worked for them last year I believe, from a place near Stanley.

Offline Highlander

Anybody seen her yet? Looks like she has a cracking body  :bomb:

Offline si_man

I can confirm its the same person. Rates are cheaper with agency.

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