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Author Topic: SEXY_THAI_GIRL_AMY  (Read 1285 times)

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Price: £100/hour incall

Location: Hotel chain, Teddington

https://www.adultwork.com/3083118 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY%5FTHAI%5FGIRL%5FAMY

Contacted by telephone
Post code received by text
Asked to send text on arrival at hotel

Started with a massage, then turned me on to my back to give OW. Didn’t give me the option of OWO, but doesn’t bother me so much anymore. Oral was good and she manoeuvred herself over so I could give her some as well if I wanted to. As soon as she was sure it was OK with me she pushed herself closer, and I was able to use both my tongue and fingers too. I came up for a breather occasionally while she kept sucking away, and when I finally didn’t go back and give her some more, she turned round, sat up, and lowered herself on to me. She was quite energetic so after a while I decided I needed a bit of a rest so pushed myself up into a sitting position with her still on top of me. I held on to her tightly, stopped her moving too much, held her close, and we both wiggled around gently for a while. At this point I thought I’ll do a bit of kissing, and although she did kiss it wasn’t very passionate and there was no FK. Strange because later she kept kissing me. Anyway, during this time I got to have a good play with her breasts. They were not as firm as I expected, and she had very large but soft nipples. I was holding onto her quite tightly, partly so I didn’t fall back down on the bed, and as I was still inside her it was really quite sensual.

Eventually I laid back down, and she asked if I wanted to change position - and if I wanted “front or back”. I opted for the front, and she said OK, laid down, and lubed herself up! That surprised me as she seemed “moist” enough already. Anyway, I climbed on and had a good session on top of her before giving in to what comes naturally! When I rolled off she gave me a good clean up, and we sat around and chatted until it was well past the hour.

This meet was at the limit of my budget, but I hadn’t seen an Oriental girl, and she didn’t disappoint. Could make it a neutral as she has FK and OWO (discretion) on her likes, but I suspect both would be on offer if I paid her a return visit. All in all this was a good punt, and I would return, so it has to be a positive.

1 review(s) found for SEXY_THAI_GIRL_AMY linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for review; some Thai girls have quite a hard look about them, is this one pretty in your opinion?

Like most girls, the more she smiles the prettier she is - she smiles a lot!

Offline FJ

How old would you say she is? Pictures give no real clues.

Profile says 26, but I would guess closer to 30.

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