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Author Topic: experience of first punt  (Read 747 times)

I'm New to this site so not sure if this has been discussed before however im just wanting to know about people's first punt for example who was it with? What was it like? How old you were you at the time?
I was 22 and thought that I was young to be punting and it was with lexi ryder from bradford. She was absolutely gorgeous but I was nervous as hell. She was stunning and had such a great booking.
Just wanting to know about other peoples experience?


I am not sure why you are asking this. How will it benefit what you do. On this thread you talk about how nervous you are with lexi ryder yet on your second post you are asking about threesome FFM, something that I am still not brave enough to do.  So are you newbie or experienced.

What are you really looking for.......  :scare: :unknown: affirmation.

Maybe start with a review of your punt with Lexi. And for the record I started at 59. So you're well up on me.

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There is a Search box in the top right hand corner if you're not sure if topics have been covered before.

With some Scouse bird in the park overlooking the Anglican Cathedral 19 years and 7 months ago, celebrating my 20th anniversary as a punter next year.

It was shit by today's standards but most skillful BJ I had had at the time !

Fond memories but never going back to the old ways !

Mine was in July this year, with BustyNiki down Cardiff Bay. I was going into Cardiff that day anyway, so I nipped in a couple hours early. I was shitting myself, but Niki made it so relaxed, was really friendly and playful and was great in bed! She is still the only girl I have seen to date who puts the condom on with her mouth. I love that.


Review of my very first punt. I remember vividly pushing her skirt up to reveal her pussy - the first new pussy I'd tasted in over 20 years!

I've samples one or two other since.




Review of my very first punt. I remember vividly pushing her skirt up to reveal her pussy - the first new pussy I'd tasted in over 20 years!

I've samples one or two other since.


One or two ?????  They're starting to infiltrate my dreams lined up in their glory. :thumbsup:
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I ignored all of the advice I read, and went for the fantasy anyway. My first punt was a threesome with two well known porn stars charging premium prices.

One the one hand it was fantastic. They were outstanding, and as attractive in the flesh (indeed, probably more so) than on film. There were a few downsides, though. Firstly, it was my first threesome and it turns out I didn't enjoy it as much as I was expecting. Obviously there are certain benefits to having one girl servicing each end simultaneously. But I felt my attention was divided, and I wasn't able to fully concentrate on one girl or the other, which diminished the experience somewhat. Secondly, while I started strongly, my own performance waned throughout the session. Ooops. Nonetheless, definitely an experience I'll repeat. Next time with only one of them, though.

My first time was my favourite punt but was a bit dodgy. Location was a house split into flats and just about to go to the door and some other guy went to the door and sat down texting someone. I called my girl and said that I'll wait a minute as some guy is there and she came down and told him to shoo. Went inside and another girl came running out after him. After my punt I got locked in the hallway for about 10 mins as I couldn't get the door open and I couldn't get hold of my girl. Probaby showering or something. Proper panic, stuck in a whore house, was imagining that pimps just randomly stab guys like me and the police or my mum was going to catch me but got out eventually but kind of damaged the lock a bit

Still, the session  was amazing and keep meaning to see her again sometime

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I was 18 just went to some romanian place with their tart cards in a phone box now 21 still punt every few months
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Mine was just a few months ago, and it was brilliant. I certainly didn't make full use of the time, but I have no regrets. I have never had a negative or neutral experience and I hope to maintain that by scrupulously researching the girls that appeal to me, particularly using this forum and the expertise / experience that resides here. All the reviews I've written have been positive so far, and I'm pretty confident that they're going to remain so. I might be a bit OCD about it sometimes, but I think doing your homework pays dividends. As someone clever once said: "Fail to prepare; prepare to fail".

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