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Online RudiUK

** I've added a new review as Lou's original  AW profile  was hacked so she's had to set up a new one: Lipsylush1.  I've now seen her 3 times and my strong recommendation remains,  particularly if you like feet. I did notice that she's reduced her prices too,  which I've adjusted in the review **

https://www.adultwork.com/3196403 or https://www.adultwork.com/lipsylush1

I arranged to meet Lou for an incall at a Heathrow hotel she works from sometimes. A clean and modern (and busy) hotel with no cards on the lifts so you can just walk in and go straight up to the room. Plenty of towels and a spacious room. Lou gave good directions.

I was offered a shower on arrival and at the end of the session (which was needed!).

We'd agreed the ninety minute fee of £200 in advance. I had reservations about spending so much but had high hopes from Lou's profile and feedback.

Lou is a blonde, busty MILF. She's white, English, around 5'6" and a size 14. She keeps her face hidden on her AW profile but I was pleased to find an attractive lady with a naughty twinkle in her eye! Lou has lovely size 5 feet and nice legs.

I had asked for Lou to dress in a certain type of outfit and she went to the trouble of buying a couple of things in advance.

We started off with me giving her pussy some attention through her tights. She was already very moist and we soon ripped the tights open. I lubed my fingers first and Lou was quickly making all the right noises. She teased me with her feet and we moved on to the bed for an extensive session of fingering and fisting, culminating in Lou squirting strongly. Lovely! She repaid the favour by giving me a deep sloppy BJ bringing me to my first climax by sliding her foot up for me to kiss.

We then moved on to doggy style sex and Lou was soon squirting again. The bed was soaked! I really feel as though we clicked during the date. If her squirting was anything to go by I think Lou enjoyed herself nearly as much as I did. We went well over time and Lou was apologetic that she had to meet a friend later . No clock watching here.

In summary, I had the best session of my punting career to date and would thoroughly recommend her, particularly to aficionados of foot fetish or squirting. Money well spent, particularly considering some of the dull, wooden WGs I've endured in the past...

Any questions (particularly if you're into feet) feel free to PM me.



1 review(s) found for lipsylush1 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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