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Author Topic: Sophia Lilly - Newcastle  (Read 690 times)

Offline Pally

Her profile has gone.

Do we know if she has jacked it in?

Offline Bengeo13

Oh dear,
I don't know about her jacking it in, I hope not, but I note her usual duo partner Scarlett Rose has relocated to Hebburn
In the past Sophia has vanished but reappeared after a short break with an amended profile
An all time favourite for me

Offline Sophia_Lily

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Hey guys I was just having a break. Currently just doing outcalls but will be back doing incalls soon! 😊 X

Offline Scarlett Cavalli

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She hasn't quit, I think her profile will be back soon :)
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Offline johnny34

Profile back, shes just been on a short break.

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