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Author Topic: Casey Love & Welsh Brunette  (Read 1295 times)

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Duo booking with the above ladies took place at Georgia's home. Excellent comms with both and arranged by Casey. Greeted at the door by Georgia who looked stunning followed her up the stairs where Casey was waiting on the bed. Dfk with both girls couldn't keep hands off both of them derobed and onto the bed where owo was performed by both as was reverse oral ended with cim with Casey. Both girls enjoyed French kissing and oral on each other on to round two on with the rubber cow girl with Casey while Georgia was hovering above me while I played and licked her pussys end of round two. With Georgia feeling left out on with another rubber and her turn for cowgirl while licking away at Casey's pussy finished with Casey tugging me off over Georgia. fantastic experience with both ladies which will be repeated at some point in the future well recommended

10 review(s) found for ScarlettJo linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
23 review(s) found for Welsh_Brunette linked to in above post (22 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Sounds awesome, how much did that set you back? Never had a duo before so may skip a punt next month and see if we can sort something out for December

I'm hoping to tick this box next month before Casey takes another break - it's been on my 'to do list' far too long. Two top girls  :)

Money well spent and another tick on the bucket list £300 simply fantastic experience with the best two girls in South Wales at the moment

Offline Redevil86

Nice one, have spoken to Georgia about this and she will arrange it for me when I'm wedged up, think I'm going to have a couple of weeks off and text Georgia to set it up after reading your review sticky. Something I have to do. I know Georgia is awesome and I've heard Casey is to and I know thay enjoy each other, what more can a man wish for .

Offline Mil 34

I bet that was awesome. You can't beat a three some. Be a nice little Christmas special treat for you red.  :thumbsup:

Offline Redevil86

It sure will be, this is my point about the Romanian type punt, you just don't know what your going to get for your money, so you got a good chance of blowing 120ish and you go home well pissed, but when you book girls like Georgia and Casey individually or in a 3sum situation you know your going to get a fun hour and go home with a big smile on your punting face and gagging to get back there, makes all the bad punts seem worth it in a funny sort of way as you appreciate the good ones all the more, amen.

Offline jtfm

I've had a threesome with these two, in fact I introduced them, I have met both of them with other girls but together they are dynamite.

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Offline Redevil86

Got you to thank j t f m for this amazing combo, I'm only going to pop at the end but that's not bothering me as I want them to enjoy each other a pleanty and want to enjoy that experience as that's part of the point for me, to join in with stuff I've been getting off on for longer than I care to remember , happy fucking Christmas .

Offline SirFrank

Sounds fucking awesome. I'm on a punting sabbatical at the moment as I've spent all my poontang pocket money, so as much as I'd like to jump inbetween this pair, it's currently out of the question. Spent my spare cash on a jumbo bag of sand and chippings today for some DIY! Rock and fucking roll!
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Offline Redevil86

Respect on that one frank, I am also band from punting while I save up for this momentous meet, text sent, but will be my Xmas present to my self as I don't think my o h will spend that much on poor old me !

Offline Mil 34

Me too. All spent out so got to wait until next month. Next girl on my radar is Welsh candice and a girl from Birmingham. She's retired from general escorting now and only sees regulars, I was lucky to have met her before she retired on adultwork. She's my favourite out of all the girls I've seen.
Such a shame she's taken down her adultwork profile as I would love to share her details with my fellow punters on here

Offline Redevil86

You'll love Welsh Kandise, she's a doll and good with it, I'll be having seconds after Xmas now, just having one punt in two weeks time before utopia ( 3 sum ) before Xmas and that's it for me till new year, think I've done well over 3k in my first year, a year ago I'd never in a million year have thought I had 3 k to spend ? Bizarre !

Offline Mil 34

It's scary when you sit back and realise how much you've spent. I can remember when I got to my tenth punt and being gutted because I'd spent about a grand . But as you said you've spent about 3 k in your first few months  :thumbsup:
Just hope the next 3k we spend is very enjoyable without any poor punts. Fair play this site helps so much

Offline Redevil86

Without a doubt the next 3 k will be better spent due to ukp and the experience gained over the last year. Won't be doing any Romanians ( I'm not racist but ) endless thay are well recommended on here and got no negative reviews, so very unlikely , sticking to the w b's, Kandise's of this world from now on, 50 odd now, no time to fuck about, only got a few years left at this so won't be wasting it. Just enjoying it.

Offline biker-boy

Well jealous now, Mil. A month or so ago Georgia lined up such a meeting for me, all was going well until Casey had to cancel.  :( It wasn't all bad news as I still had Georgia's delights to keep me occupied.

Offline caseyjolove

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To Biker Boy....i never cancelled. I couldn't get to Georgia's without car and asked you to come to mine with Georgia instead lol

Casey xx
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Offline Mil 34

Ha ha. I've not had the pleasure of casey but wb is superb

Offline Redevil86

Me neither mate but my Christmas present is on order and as soon as a date is set I will be counting down the days like I did many years ago, this may be life defining. Must say that would be fun, driven to a 3sum by Georgia, may have to put that on the list of things to do.

Offline Mil 34

It's going to be a good Christmas for you red  :yahoo:

Offline Redevil86

So long as the date can be sorted, boom, obviously always wanted to do a 3 sum ( what bloke don't ) but to have the opportunity to do one with these two ladies is like all your Christmas's coming at once, these are things most blokes only dream about and most blokes if offerd would shit out ! I'll be nervous always am to a degree but you just got to experience it.

Offline Mil 34

I've had 4 threesomes and they were pretty awesome experiences. Each time with different sets of girls. I don't think I could manage one fitness wise at the moment been out of sorts for a while. Maybe get my old running gear back out and build up the stamina lol. I can imagine you would need a fair bit with these two girls red

Offline Redevil86

Obviously I want to enjoy both of them, but my big thing is watching them together and just joining in while thay enjoy each other, just so different to your normal punt, it's all swimming around in my head, but you never realy know shit entil you experience it for yourself. But what a great thing to have to look forward to.

Offline Redevil86

As for the fitness side , that's the problem booking weeks in advance, you have to hope all three are fit, no deaths in all 3 family's, at least 2 cars are running fine, no time of month for 2 of us, the list goes on , I started back to the gym last night ( first time in 2 months) pulled groin, chest and shoulder, only slight but just goes to show you never know.

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