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Author Topic: Adult Work Cut and Paste  (Read 385 times)

This is really detailed stuff. I recently decided to report a scam on AW as not 'authentic' as they call it in the tag at the bottom of a profile. The text was clear that a male was posing in the female section. One formerly was able to cut some text and paste it into the report of a fake profile. That appears no longer to be possible. Weird. I tried with a different browser and a different profile but not possible to cut and paste.

I suppose it stops ladies or scammers stealing the text from other profiles. Odd thing about text theft is that the scammers repeat spelling mistakes. a common one is <princes> for <prices> !

Offline AnthG

There are simple ways around it. But if I posted them here all that will happen is people will just do it.

I personally like this as it gives a slightly more chance that the text you read was really written by the girl so you can get an idea of her personality.

There is nothing more annoying when you read something great, and you think she sounds like she wouod be a good laugh and then you google it and find its nicked from elsewhere.

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