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Author Topic: Boyfriend kills Pro$$ie partner  (Read 676 times)

Offline James999

This guy kills his pro$$ie partner, then spends the cash on a couple of pro$$ies for himself


Offline comaminion

Banning reason: White-knighting

Offline pumps

I think there's a lot more to this story than the report is letting on!

Offline James999

:unknown: what's that got to do with anything

Quite a lot if you are having sex with him  :hi:

Offline AnthG

Joaquin Gomez-Hernandez, 24, burst into tears after seeing his 33 year-old wife Vanessa Santillan cavorting with the male stranger in their marital bed.

This suggests to me possibly that he didn't know what she was doing and he walked in and caught her in the act and it all came out for the first time.

If that is the case, I do actually have some sympathy for the guy.

I know what he did was heinous, and I probably shouldn't feel this way, but I do and still have some little bit of sympathy with the guy if this was the case.

Offline comaminion

I don't recall think the tranny part has relevance just to point out she was transgender

Bodybuilders make me think steroids but might not be the case

If dude was that jealous whether to death or not she would of copped some sort of abuse physical or verbal from him prossie or not

Jealousy is never healthy
Banning reason: White-knighting

Offline James999

the fact that the bloke decided to have his cock chopped off clearly indicates mental issues, add that to the "boyfriends" potential roid rage and you have a disaster in the making, luckily no innocent punters were injured  :music:

Friends claimed Miss Santillan controlled the relationship and Gomez-Hernandez had to ask her for money to buy clothes and food because he did not work.

One witness said Gomez-Hernandez 'was very jealous and tried to exert some power and control but did not succeed'.

On the evening of 27 March this year the couple went out clubbing with a gay man dressed as a woman and two transgender female friends.

They then returned to Miss Santillan's flat at 13 Romily Court off Landridge Road in the early hours of the morning to continue drinking wine and champagne.

At around 5am the victim was contacted by a male client via the backpage.com website.

He arrived at around 6am and went to the bedroom with Miss Santillan while her friends and husband remained in the lounge.

The report suggests that he did know what was going on and was living off her earnings. I expect she was also paying for his roids and supplements which he required as an alleged bodybuilder.

Offline James999

This suggests to me possibly that he didn't know what she was doing and he walked in and caught her in the act and it all came out for the first time.

Reports say wasn't working and lived off his "boyfriend" who was selling his hole / holes (if he had his cock converted to a fanny)

Offline comaminion

Banning reason: White-knighting

Offline tazz

Why on earth would she want to be with an unemployed layabout and keep giving him her hard earned cash. Also why on earth hasnt he been given a life sentance? What a fucked up cunt to go out and fuck two prossies after just committing a murder. Youd have thought he would be panicking and trying to get out of the country.


Offline baretta

Gomez-Hernandez claimed that a bruise on his chest was a love bite from his wife when they had sex two days before her death.
- See more at: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/newsgallery/?page=2&news_id=42359#sthash.Pyiq4cKG.dpuf

What a fucking cunt I'm surprised he only took the 400 hundred as the police found thirteen grand cash I'm her flat
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