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Offline royal_male

First review, here goes. I met her on a Monday afternoon. Its such a pity she works only during work hours because im usualy at work at those times.

She is the woman in the pictures, accurate age and accurate details. In my opinion she is a bit chubby and curvy, but that was not that much of a problem for me. Her personality and attitude is perfect, i have never seen any WG like her. She is sweet, bubbly and very friendly.

I had asked for a role play, which she performed without any complaints to perfection. All the services mentioned were provided, definitely not a clock watcher. I even paid the money just before i was going to leave (to me its a first, as WG's usualy are keen on the money). I think she was also happy being submissive, i enjoyed that as well. With a bit of spanking and rougher sex. All in all, a great punt for 70quid/half hr. Cant get any better than this.

I left the door with a grin of satisfaction on my face, which i havent experienced with a WG in reading area at all.

https://www.adultwork.com/2178462 or https://www.adultwork.com/CarlyxxxCarly

7 review(s) found for CarlyxxxCarly linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for your first review. Nice to see you're 'off the mark'.  :hi:

While it's on her enjoys list and on other reviews, it's always nice to know if a WG does FK and OWO during the meeting.
Can you please confirm that one or both of these were on offer in your meeting?

Glad she's back down to £100ph after her brief price hike attempt and when I get a day off, I plan to see her.
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Offline Stiltskin

The last time I saw her I received full on FK and OWO. I think she genuinely enjoys it.

Offline royal_male

Both FK and OWO were on. She was enjoying it for sure.

Offline Cunning Punt

Excellent.  :D

Just need a day off now.

Thank you both.  :thumbsup:

Offline royal_male

it would be great if you can get back on your experience.   :hi:

Offline ness4

I've seen Carly many times and never get bored of her...she really seems to give it her all. I've wondered in the past if she'd see 2 or 3 of her regulars together....i think she'd enjoy that! If anyone on here thinks thats a good idea i could always ask her next time i see her?

An excellant hour spent with her and like you said she really enjoys her work.  :lol: Can't fault her effort and is definately someone I'd recommend.
Nearly forgot to give her the money on the way out, we over ran.
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