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Author Topic: Venessa at Club 25  (Read 701 times)

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I hadnt been to club 25 before it was easy to find and parking on the road. I opened the door and walked up the stairs and there was a lovely girl in in her early 20's. she said to me to go to the room. so I went and the first thing she said was money before even greeting me. so I paid her and she was already clock watching. she put rubber on my cock about ten times the size and sucked my cock. The bj was very good she used alot spit. iI then touched her tits and she angry said you cant my hands are too cold. so moved into sex with her on top and it was terrible. no interest from her at all could see she wanted to get out asap. Her pussy was terrible was so wide could fit 2 dicks into it. lol . anyway I finally came in doggy. and there she goes gives me tissues and goes out of the room saying once im done then leave. It was a bad experience due to the lack of enthusiasm and was being rushed also couldnt have a conversation due to her not even knowing english apart from the basic words. Also the premises was terrible very run down.

I been there a few times normally you go into a room and the girls come in and introduced themselves and you tell the receptionist which girl you want then the girl will come back and you sort out the money then service begin The service normally is hit and is miss but I am very surprise this new method

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