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Author Topic: Weekend punt  (Read 395 times)

Fancy a bit this weekend any thoughts.

Online Redevil86

I've got mine lined up for tonight but Welsh Kandise is in Cardiff with her green bar on, highly recommended.


This one looks promising, touring in Cardiff. Then you see she hasn't logged on for 2 days  :(

Scottish Teen


4 review(s) found for Scottish_Skylar linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)


But her numbers up .

Goes to voicemail, says she's only available when 'available today' is on  :(

Offline SirFrank

Welsh Kandice  -if she's available - really nice girl and great 🍉🍉
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Online Redevil86

Yep, green light been on all day.

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