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Author Topic: Norwich Area looking for classy Nuru / B2B Massage  (Read 808 times)

Norwich Area looking for B2B Massage

Hello all
I am looking for a better B2B massage in the Norwich area –any feedback on
Miss Ebony Naturist      (Annisa)
or any recommendations for Nuru –b2b in Norfolk /surronds 
thanks   :P

Offline mark100max

I havent see her but apparenly she is very good and have been recomended

just 100 for a massage is a bit pricey for me thou

Thanks- good to know -  planing a birthday pressie for myself - a a bit extra is ok this time


Offline arkle3

I have seen Miss Ebony Naturist (Annisa) and would not return!

I found her services very limited, She spends an awful lot of time on your back and is extremely fussy.

In addition she is expensive for what she offers!

Where in Norwich/Norfolk can you get a good B2B Massage or a Nuru Massage? Is there such a thing?

Thanks for advice.
 well not found anywhere local-  yet??
Had a good Nuru once in Japan- but then it was on someone elses expense account  :yahoo:

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