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Author Topic: Did anyone every see Cherry Valentine?  (Read 875 times)

Offline kenpunty

Good evening to you all. This is my first post, and I'm hoping to open with a question. I have some reviews I can do too, but know sometimes reviews on first posts can be thought of as dubious.

My question is did anyone ever see a fine girl that went by the name of Cherry Valentine?

Mid-length, straight dark hair, would be around 28 years old now, a few tattoos (that were airbrushed out in her pictures), couple of piercings, cherry red lipstick, liked having her nipples tweaked hard and was up for rimming. I met her in the Newport/Pontypool area at around £160 hr outcall.

Now I know it's been maybe 6 or 7 years since this liaison but perhaps it jogs a memory? I know she changed numbers at one point (she text everyone to let them know!) but as I'm not from that area I didn't keep it.

Any help welcome.  :)

Online pork sword

£160 PH 6-7 years ago? She probably had to retire due to a dusty phone...

Offline kenpunty

£160 PH 6-7 years ago? She probably had to retire due to a dusty phone...

Yah maybe  :D

Cheers for the reply though.

Offline HughJardon

Was she a petite girl with a Swansea accent who worked with the now porn star Jessica Jensen ?

Offline kenpunty

Hmm, I think she was actually living in Newport and was happy to see me there because I wasn't from Wales??! As for a Swans accent afraid I don't remember.

Any link to the girl you suggested - working with Jessica Jensen? I can't see any from my search of JJ. Thanks.

Offline HughJardon

Thanks for the quick response  :lol:
There are no links to Cherry that was based in Newport. The girl Im thinking of was very petite and from knowing her over a year, she cut her hair short, Im sure she had a nosejob and started getting lots of tattoos, she looked sexy to be fair. At the end she was duoing with her Boyfriend and pictures suggested she did Domination and shit.

Your search will continue, lots of other decent girls out there though  :cool:

Offline kenpunty

Thanks  :cool:! Yes it's only time I've been thinking I'd like to tap that again - not found another with looks like her so far. Preferably when the room isn't 30 degrees odd too.

Offline kenpunty

Is it this girl? She is the only WG called Cherry I've noticed recently:

https://www.adultwork.com/3537833 or https://www.adultwork.com/misscherrydivine1993

Ah thanks so much for trying, but it's not  :hi:

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