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Author Topic: recommend Wolverhampton  (Read 1579 times)

Offline lowhill1

Hi. I have done a little punting but mostly off vivastreet which hasn't always gone well. Any recommendations on quite local girls would be well appreciated

What kind of girls you looking for.

Offline lowhill1

Someone's good. Would like to find a girl I could make regular visits to.  Not really into the " larger " ladies though

Plenty in the otter over the weekend  :D

Saw Katie who goes by the name of sweet sensation 66 on AW. 

She works from a modern apartment in Wolverhampton by the canal.  She's a mature lady 49 but has one amazing body and set of breasts. Parking is fine there and no problems with neighbours as apartments are that new not everyone has moved in. Very highly recommended

Katie is nice with great tits but does like to talk shirt loads

I thought she was fine when I saw here,  why what did she go on about

Offline Frenchy4012

Hannah is well worth a visit. £70 but that does not include full sex.
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Offline johnnyboy61

No direct experience of any except for Hannah, although as has been mentioned, not FS now.

One to avoid though is https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/TightYoungEbony
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Offline wolves87

Katie is a lovely woman very sexy lovely body for her age, 49 apparently, however does spoil it with these tattoos they all have these days, not attractive imo, she is a bit dizzy and likes to talk, wears a blonde wig which is very unnatural, she will owo but won't let you cim, she likes to kiss not dfk but maybe she will with right person. I have seen her twice now and really enjoyed my time with her. Overall bit vanilla for some but she does it for me   :D
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Yep she is lovely prob the best have seen in wolverhampton.... she act like she's from 1 of those old carry on films but she enjoys the sex.

Hannah is well worth a visit. £70 but that does not include full sex.

Apricot wine  :drinks:

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