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Author Topic: Sultry Amanda xxx aka xxx Amanda xxx from Sutton in Ashfield  (Read 958 times)

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Years ago saw Amanda and had a great time, then on revisiting it was only just so-so. She disappeared off the scene and then one day returned and has been getting love from UKP for a while, so decided a return trip in order.

For weeks have been emailing and texting with little or no response, which is beyond annoying, however last chance today and she replied ! Call made early afternoon and appointment set.

Drove for an hour and parked up 20 mins before appointment, noticed a text on my phone. She had cancelled as she was knackered, Annoyed is not the word. However the text, not a sorry, not an apology, just have to cancel and she's in tomorrow. Sent 50 mins before the appointment.

No I'll sort you out, make it up to you, for wasting 2hrs of your time and petrol.....nothing. When challenged she then shifted the blame saying virtually that it was my fault I wanted a late as appointment as possible and why was I an hour early. Obviously she thought my appt was 7.30pm.

I understand WG's like to moan that they are let down by Punters, but here's a reminder. When you charge as much per hour as the CEO of a multinational company, then if you can't make an appointment call it off with plenty of time, or if in any doubt, do not make the 'kin appointment.

Rant over, hopefully it'll stop some other poor sod from wasting their time too.

7 review(s) found for sultry amandaxxxxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Whilst I am something of a fan and have had some good times with her there was a period when her comms were terrible and it became impossible to contact her.  I gave up at that point but given recent signs on here that she was back on form I was looking forward to seeing her again, as I say I had a few fantastic times with her in the past.

However cancelling like that is not on and if it happened to me I would be pretty pissed off.

Sorry it happened to you and thanks for warning us.


Thanks Dave
I have been singing her praises, but no need for that
Off my Hot List now

Sorry you had a wasted journey  :(

LusciousLucy when I am up that area from now on

Sorry to hear this Dave.Hope it wasn't me that tired her out  :D

Yeah that does sound like bad luck - but in the few visits I've had with her I've never had a problem and always enjoyed her no end.

First time I saw her I overran a bit and there was another punter due, so we agreed I'd go to Asda and pop back later. He never turned up so I was back inside (so to speak) in a few minutes.

She's a top bird!

Offline Owwhatanight

I am surprised Amanda has not defended herself as she did reply to nice comments on a thread yesterday.

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