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Author Topic: The where are they now thread  (Read 3494 times)

Offline SirFrank

Earlier this week I passed old mystiques in Bridgend and it got me thinking as to what happened to some of the girls on the punting scene. I had some great punts in Mystiques - one blond gym bunny whose name I can't remember, this is jewel when she was early 20s fit as and liked it up the wrong un. Of course she's still at it but is apparently much bigger now

One of my favs ever though is Marianne/Terri. I think she was Greek but gave one of the best BJs ever. My God she was God. Anyone know if she ever reappeared anywhere?

Another girl I liked who was on and off the scene between Cardiff and Pontypridd was Star. Last going off she had a place near the Merlin in Pontypridd and told her boyfriend she was working for military intelligence. I can only assume his IQ was lower than Simple Jacks because she clearly wasn't a spy!  She was however a decent punt. Saw her a few times and the first time was one of the first punts where we literally tucked each other to a standstill and were both a bath of sweat. I think she was rumbled by her fella because she just disappeared. I wouldn't mind slipping her a length again though.

Anyone else wonder wtf happened to the favourites? It's seems WGs have shorter careers that footballers.
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Offline Corus Boy

One of my first punts was with Ariana Chevalier, it was good enough to cause me to return many times.

Also in Cardiff was Vixxen, another great punt.

And another good memory was Charlotte from Southport.

Another in Cardiff was Charlotte Wales.

Corel from Newport and Cardiff.

Loads and loads of others who bring back good memories.

Does anyone else remember the Lynx agency?  The lady there would often have new girls starting to pay off bills and debts, usually young, enthusiastic and great fun.
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Offline Punt37

Did anyone else see Monica on Penarth Road?

The agency was called Majestic Models. Monica was an asian girl with enormous fake breasts. She was probably a size 8, boobs must have been a gg cup. I saw her about 7 times and we did text quite a lot.

To date, the sexiest girl I've ever seen.

Offline Punt37

Was going to add, I saw 'this is jewel' last year.

She was good but a little different from her photos. Very enthusiastic but she had put on a few pounds since her photos were taken. Great tits tho  :yahoo:

Did anyone else see Monica on Penarth Road?

The agency was called Majestic Models. Monica was an asian girl with enormous fake breasts. She was probably a size 8, boobs must have been a gg cup. I saw her about 7 times and we did text quite a lot.

To date, the sexiest girl I've ever seen.

I did not see Monica but did visit others on offer - I think that Majestic Models morphed into Posh Model Escorts, now operating in the Bay by Police station - how ironic!

Had a great number of visits with Chloe of Garage Girls, she was Welsh with long dark hair and big natural tits, she was my first anal and she loved it, fucked her ass many times.. 

Also the one girl who worked in Kandys in Newport, then she was working out of a house then went to Garage Girls as Ashley, when was slim, pretty and had massive natural tits..  About 22 years old, think she is a Manchester lass.

I also liked Lisa at Angels on the Broadway Cardiff, very petite and pretty, licked her ass on many occassions😛

Offline HughJardon

How big is This is Jewel nowadays are we talking a modest size 12 or into the thicker territory ?
My trips years back to Clytha Square, were not great, I enjoyed the lit candle outside the door that told punters whether they were open or closed, it was pretty run down by the End, I did meet Corel there and after meeting her she popped up everywhere. Albert avenue had some great great girls, they had a blonde with massive jubilees called Candy, she had a perfect ass, juicy waxed pussy and she loved fucking and was up for anything, another in there was Montana, a tall black lady with a perfect body who could just blow on the tip of my dick and get me rock solid, she showed me a thing or two.
This place either had the same owners as Angels simply the best (now simply the worst), as a lot of girls would tell me they had upcoming shifts there that given weekend. A lot of girls would migrate to Ambassadors and First choice, but I miss the British parlor scene from years back.
I fucked everything in Kandys Newport, sometimes 3 times a week I would visit, I dont know how I did it back then. The polish girls were really nice, Kate who had braces but was a good sucker, Monica massive tits amazing body, the good old days when you paid 40 to 50 pounds for a good seeing to. Thems were the days

I think a lot of these girls are now only taking the hubbies shlong but are secretly missing the buzz of sex with strangers, good luck to them all
Thanks for the Mammeries  :drinks:

Names from the memory locker there. I remember Jewel even before mystiques when she was a very new girl in woodville road. She was indeed fit.
Ashley from the Garage is sorely missed. She moved about but had direct contact with her and always told me where she was. Had a stint on aw for a while as Nicole
Anyone remember polish Alice from Windsor Quay? Very pretty and very obliging. Had a boob job and then got in to a bit of bother when she tried to become hunter turned gamekeeper bringing girls into the country. She was a great booking for a time. Fond memories of her face under my cock with her tongue out.

Was the hot gym fit blond in mystiques called Charlene?


Seems everyone on here has done this is jewel, including me I might add as I saw her in Mystiques, the only time I ever went there. I saw her in Penarth a few years later when she went on her own. Too big & too old for my liking now though.

Vixxen was fucking awesome, Welsh Brunette when she was called something else (in Barry Island if I remember correctly).

Offline SirFrank

Was the hot gym fit blond in mystiques called Charlene?

I genuinely can't remember her name but she was fit as a butchers dog, very pretty and a really nice girl to boot. I'd say mystiques was prob my favourite S Wales parlour
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Offline ianvilla

I saw Jewel in Mystiques as well she really showed me a thing or two back then.
Also saw Vanessa/Natalie several times in Angels in Cardiff and Bridgend(as another name) a fit bubbly blonde with a bit of a burn on one of her hands and a cherry Tat just above her pubic mound. Would I love to see her now
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takes me back to memory lane all these names from the past, genuine british ladies , unlike the crap flooding the uk now, back years ago you almost always had a good punt , bring back the welshgirls

Offline Mil 34

I genuinely can't remember her name but she was fit as a butchers dog, very pretty and a really nice girl to boot. I'd say mystiques was prob my favourite S Wales parlour

I saw a really sexy blonde once in mystiques called Ashley. I followed her up the stairs I nearly shot my load before I got into the room. She was stunning.
I saw a few other girls there just before it shut but they were foreign. Can't remember their names at all.

Offline mr big

the ambassador city road about 13 years ago a bird called Heidi tits and body to die for and an amazing service love to know where she is now

Offline Redevil86

Very interesting reading these posts. As I've only been punting for approx 11 months I'm constantly wishing I'd started years ago, Evan I've noticed the turn over of girls is astoundingly high but a fair percentage of them are foreign girls, but it's an interesting read all the same.

Offline Mil 34

I can't believe how long I've been punting for. I was just reading your post red trying to work out how long. It's about 19 years. I am trying not to think how much I've spent.
It's so much more enjoyable now with sites like this and adultwork.
When I first started all I had was the daily sport and a couple of adverts in the local papers, western mail/swansea evening post etc. You wouldn't have a clue who you would meet.
My first time seeing an independent was a large ugly lady on schooner way, she was hanging but I was too scared to walk away. She looked like olive from on the buses.
It should have stopped me but my next punt was in blondes on woodville road (when it was called that)
The girl there was a stunning Welsh blonde girl and I was hooked on punting

Offline Redevil86

Well mil 34, I can't imagine what that must have been like and no Mobil phones, I'm a technophobe but would be lost without my phone, in fact when I think about it, I've done everything on my mobile, the only other thing I've used is my satnav and I've got all that on my phone so I could have just used my Mobil for everything full stop. But back then you would have known no different so I'm guessing just as exciting in in a different ways ?

Offline gallas15

       I have fond memories of Vixen, I remember a super blonde lady, I think she came from the Bridgend area, worked down the bay who went under the name of Saralove, nothing much was too much trouble for her, also big mention for the lovely independent Romanian lady Crystal, I used to spend hours talking to her when the sex was finished, it was like she didn't want me to go, she also told me she used dating sites and I think her main goal in life was finding love and happiness after a troublesome marriage, think she found it in the end, so good luck to her.
      I also remember when Angels was a great place to spend £50 or £60 quid, who remembers Jade  (Barbara Windsor lookalike,) Welsh Sam and I remember a lovely black lady who used to come down from the smoke at the weekend called Shaniece, great backside!

Offline SirFrank

I do miss playboy dafne too. Quite vanilla service but there was something about her.
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Offline Mil 34

Sir frank , my first ever threesome was with Carla and playboy dafne. It was awesome full on lesbian first then each sucking me off then got to doggy them both. I didn't last long.

Red punting in days before mobile phones was a nightmare, no sat nav earlier. A to Z street maps to find my way around.
I did see some nice girls about Cardiff / Newport areas but there wasn't many. Luckily enough my job allowed me to travel across the bridge where there was more choice

Offline Redevil86

For you guys with your A to Z maps and no mobile phones deserve a medal, but my point was that's how it was and you know no different, it's only now that you look back and see how things have changed that make you realise what you had to put up with compaird to how much better it is now, still can't get my head around how you did it, my only experience was about 25 years ago ( I've spoken of this ) when I picked up a girl on Tyndall st Cardiff, after driving past for months , plucked up the courage , shagged her around the corner, as she got out a police car came around the corner, he knew why I was there but she was walking away from my car so did't actually catch me so no proof, shit my self for 20 odd years , entil last november, easy as fuck now compared to just a few years ago.

Offline biker-boy

Isn't that strange? My second ever threesome was with these two, somewhere around 3 years or so ago.  I recall the first meeting never materialised - I was parked near to their location (Ninian Park area) in good time, all communication had stopped by then, and imagine my surprise when I saw the pair of them walking away down the road. I was offered a discounted second attempt a week later, actually got into the house this time, and took a bottle of wine with me. Playtime came, I got bored, they only spoke Hungarian throughout, and I walked out after half an hour! When I texted my complaint later, their (obvious) handler claimed I was drunk - having had about half glass!
Turned me off threesomes for a long time. Then I found NSS.

Offline newforthisyear

Saw a girl in newport in a bedsit about 3 years back, always wondered where she dissipated to as it was quite a good punt. Saw her profile showing up under a few locations then *poof* gone..

She was down as sexyclarebare IIRC
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Offline Mil 34

My second threesome was with polish Amy and Olivia and that one was great to. Olivia was a lot smaller then and really was my type of girl. Amy was really thin.
A few weeks ago I went to see them again together and ended up just having an hour with Amy as Olivia didn't look the same girl, she's about 2 sizes bigger and really bad skin on her face.
Amy has put a few pounds on to but it's gone to the right places, her arse and tits.
She really does give a good service and reasonable to.
Got to give the girl credit her service over the years has never faltered.
Top marks lol

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