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Author Topic: The AdultWork Name Game!  (Read 652 times)

A lot of us price up civvies, but I find myself giving girls AW names - particularly shop assistants with a name badge. Does anyone else play this game?

This evening I was served by Naughty Natalie and Lusty Lola. I just can't help myself!! :lol:


Offline Ben4454

I was served by a girl with a bad attitude today.

I guess i'll call her Romanian Rachel.
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The foul mouthed chav walked past the farm, will call her.

Shit In My Mouth

Offline Mansell

Served by a really hot and naughty looking girl in Debenhams at the weekend "Dangerous Debbie"  :D


Sat next to a Hottie at a posh dinner last night who works in HR so Hand Relief Samantha
Deffo a £150/hour babe

She kept looking at me I could tell she was thinking is that Raddy  :D


Offline LL

When you meet women from this very land it's easy to come up with their AdultWork names, just place the word "English" before their Christian name and there you have it :hi:

Offline NEGaz

Haha sounds like a new game for me to play  :thumbsup:

On a similar line, a few years ago I use to work in the motorcycle industry and was then currently dating a girl who worked as a Spearmint Rhino promotions girl. As i could get free tickets for the trade and press day at the MCN Motorcycle Show at the NEC, she asked me to get a few so Spearmint Rhino could flyer the event. I duly arranged a few tickets and met them at the show to give them there tickets which you had to wear as a name badge. The names on the tickets were... Felicity Shagwell, Domma Matrix, Kimberly Suckhard, and Eva Oral. There faces were a picture but they loved the names and really played up to them.

Just remembered the last name Jemima Tart

Sat next to a Hottie at a posh dinner last night who works in HR so Hand Relief Samantha

Now that one I like!



Offline bigmc

Woman at my local tesco called George ( assuming it's short for Georgina)  she's "gorgeous George" .  Not very imaginative but very accurate.  She could earn a weeks wages in a couple of hours with me

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