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Author Topic: Tamworth  (Read 414 times)

Offline smithie1000

Just had an outcall from this one, they wanted £150 but I said £100 and they agreed.

Told it was a 25yrs old Japanese size 8 etc etc but I heard it all before so was waiting on the drive ready to say no.  I was pleasantly surprised as she was about 35ish got frameless glasses on and was very well dressed, no cheap clothes and was quite pretty so I was glad but Chinese but like I said she was nice. Told her driver to stay on my drive so no one can see him and gave him the £100.
Anyway took her inside, followed her up stairs so I could have a look at her and she looked very nice.  She stripped off but I told her to leave her bra on cus if they were going to be saggy I would be turned right off. She had a bit of a belly but still looked ok. 
I sat down on the bed and pulled her bra to the side and sucked her nice nipples and then we changed places so she could wank me a bit. 
I moved up the bed and she got the rubber out straight away, I hate that, she rolled it on and sucked me quite good, licked my balls a lot which I like.   She then sat on me and went to work and it was nice, she only had a bit of make up on and some light coloured lipstick, just the right amount for me.
After a while I got on top and she allowed me to kiss her a lot not deep but it was nice and she looked at me a few times not like some who turn to the side that kills me too. So all done we dressed and I showed her out and thanked her.
Would I have her again - yes as she looks very smart and well dressed, English not too good but hey she was not there for a conversation.
If you fancy it ask for yumi, no not the one we all knew lol.

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