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Author Topic: Happy Endings  (Read 505 times)

Offline blueyes57

Just thinking as I get older, I am just as satisfied with a good massage and a happy ending as i am with chasing FS which so often seems to end in some level of disappointment.

I have been a part time punter for many years, but new to UKP, which I like.

Am I getting old or losing my mojo? or just being more realistic. Had a fantastic massage yesterday with a very happy ending. Will definitely be going back for more.

Offline hexohm

Punting is all about personal gratification so you shouldnt feel pressurised to punt in a way that you arent comfortable.  If you only want a massage and hj then just go for that.

We've all had more than our share of disappointing punts (lets face it, one is enough!) so just do what ever gets your rocks off. 

I've found F/S punting can be very hit and miss, but HE always leaves me feeling good.
Especially as it carries less risks too.

Body2body with HE can be very erotic and more so if she's young and sexy :)
I love massages.
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I'm much like the OP - have plenty of FBSM with HE these days.  It's just so much easier than full service; all the research you have to do to try to limit the disappointment can get a bit tiresome.

What I find strange is that I even enjoy massage and HE with older, less pretty women who I certainly wouldn't want full service with.

Out of interest blueeyes, where did you go recently?

Offline blueyes57

Seems I am not alone here. I recently had a fantastic time at Nin Su Northampton. I hear what Lt is saying about the older woman and it is rather kinky and quite a turn on. This one was about 50yrs but have to admit that she didn't look that old. She was fit and I certainly could easily imagine an FS experience being quite enjoyable. I think it would be more of a satisfaction if it just happens when you are not looking for it.

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