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Author Topic: has anybody seen...  (Read 564 times)

 https://www.adultwork.com/841548 or https://www.adultwork.com/kennedy+paige

has anybody see kennedy before? she vanished for a few years and is back now but i can never get hold of her

Offline dboy74

Never understand profiles that don't have prices!  :unknown:

she did have prices but they have gone for some strange reason, dodgey maybe?

Offline MrBridger

Probably not actually working and just keeping profile up to get some income from PG. surprised to see she's white according to her interview - from the pics I would have thought ebony or mixed race. Must use a lot of fake tan!

Not logged in since September so clearly not active.
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I can never get hold of her
Maybe she doesn't want to see you !

Plenty more fish and that ? 

Never understand why people get sentimental though maybe you can enlighten me !

yes very possible, her number is usually up and ive phoned her a couple of times over the last few months on the off chance but she never answers, so was undecided if it was a PG profile or actually active

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