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Author Topic: Miss Mixie Vixin [Fake review]  (Read 1101 times)

Offline Max1438

Hi guys. Ive been lurking for a while but never had anything worth posting. Until i had the pleasure of being serviced by Mixie (https://www.adultwork.com/2754492). I had such a unique, genuine experience that I just had to share.

I contacted Mixie by phone in the morning to book her for an hour later that evening at 150. It was early but I was greeted by a friendly and warm American accent. During our chat Mixie asked if there was anything special she needed to do, know, or wear for me. No wg has ever asked me that before. By the end of our brief conversation I was already feeling very excited and had very high hopes for this punt. My last few punts had me almost convinced that the fantasy of booking a prossie is always way better than the reality. But, Miss Mixie, I found, was the exception to this rule. I was not disappointed.

I arrived at Mixie's discreet, cozy little flat in Whitechapel, about a 5 minute walk from Whitechapel station. I came by tube but there appeared to be easy and abundant parking on the street if you drive. She told me she had recently moved in after moving from her gated flat that was right next door. She buzzed me in cheerily and when I got to her door I was again greeted with a big, sincere smile and big, bright, brown eyes. Mixie was a vision to behold. Her totally hot profile pictures are accurate except for she was a lot more trim and fit (she said she had just lost the 2.5 stone she gained after breaking her hip last March) and her pretty face was even lovelier in the flesh. I was offered a choice of beverages and a shower before commencing with the paperwork.  Her beverage selection and well stocked bathroom indicated an attention to detail that told me I was punting with a true professional that cares about her clients and obviously takes pride in the quality of her service and in the profession as a whole. As I showered my excitement was almost too much to contain.  I had the feeling I was in for a treat.

I returned to her front room after my shower and caught Mixie red handed coyly toying with her magic wand. I joined her on the couch and we had a short but sweet and interesting little chat (Mixie playing all the while, getting all ready for me) where I learned of Mixie's love of her profession and her ultimate goal of one day being the madam of a brothel. A dream she says she's had all her life. Small talk deteriorated into passionate DFK and I must say she was a perfect kisser, doing so with what appeared to me to be genuine passion. If this girl was faking her enthusiasm she was doing a fine job. She was all smiles as we explored and played together on her sofa and soon enough Miss Mixie was on her knees in front of me looking like a fat kid in a candy store. You can't fake enthusiasm like that. She told me she loves to give oral but gets a little excited sometimes. She told me to stop her if I was going to cum and didn't want to yet. Now, I've never once cum from oral unless you count wanking in her face after a few half hearted licks. But Mix sounded pretty sure herself and I couldn't believe it but I actually had to make her stop. Her blow job was nothing short of expertly done with technique that had been practiced and perfected by an obviously eager student. Mixie paid close attention to detail and focused on all my erogenous areas without guidance. Her blow job was so intense that next time (there will most definitely be a next time) I may just not stop her.

Mixie looked up at me with her expressive eyes, giggling and very pleased with herself, as she should be. She suggested we "get naked and roll around together" in her huge bed fitted with satin sheets. She seemed excited as she quickly removed her long, but drop dead sexy dress to reveal nothing underneath. Standing in front of me bouncing with excitement in nothing but red heels she grabbed my hand and implored me to follow her to her bedroom. I was almost in a daze as I inspected her naked body from top to bottom. Trim tummy and pert, pierced tits and gorgeous ink. As I got comfortable in her super king I asked for a tour of her tattoos. I got more and more excited as she walked me through each and every one of them. Finally, after I couldn't take anymore, I grabbed her gently and pulled her down with me. I just had to try her. When she spread her legs for me (giggling. Mixie giggles with apparent delight a lot. She seemed a very happy and surprisingly well adjusted wg. Rare) I inspected her and saw she had such a beautiful pussy that I was compelled to taste (I usually have a personal rule that don't preform oral on prossies. But this time I was experiencing quality and it was worth it). Mixie seemed to enjoy the attention between her legs and was vocal and her American accent was so sexy as she moaned and cursed and giggled while bucking her hips with increasing intensity. After a few minutes I just had to be inside her.  I had to experience all of Miss Mixie.  She was wild and wet and intense as she pushed me with a passionate kiss onto my back. With a smile she rolled on the "rubber" (her word for it) and climbed aboard. Her pretty eyes rolled back as she lower herself onto me. That's when I decided I was receiving genuine, sincere,  enthusiastic,  and damn fine quality service. Mixie puts no restrictions on how many times you can cum (she does remind you that she isn't a machine but she's happy to drain you before you leave) and her rate is totally all inclusive with absolutely no extra charges for any of the services she preforms, including filming where she is happy to show her face even as long as the video or pics are used privately and not published. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It's about time I had a decent punt. They've all been shit all year without exception. I was ready to give it up.

In conclusion, I ended up staying a little over time as Mixie offered up the shower once more.  She told me to take my time as she had no other bookings after me. She even joined me in the shower and soaped me up happily. She was chatty as I dressed and I found her to be quite well spoken and a regular comedian. She showed me out of her flat 15 minutes after my time with her should have been up.

While her profile showed a spark of something different to me, I still booked with the expectation of disappointment as per usual. I was pleasantly surprised with this punt to say the least. Really, I was totally blown away. I tried to make this review as comprehensive as I could but after wracking my brain I couldn't really come up with any negatives. In terms of looks, skill, and enthusiasm I found her to  virtually perfect.  Ad to that a genuine, positive, and sincere disposition and what you have is a high class professional with a passion for the profession and the industry as a whole. I must thoroughly recommend a punt with beautiful and talented Miss Mixie Vixin.
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Well she certainly writes well, maybe she could be a pen friend.

"Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard. I'd fuck me so hard."

Offline ChrisQ

Well she certainly writes well, maybe she could be a pen friend.

That thought struck me too

Offline Atticus Finch

Well she looks pretty grim, but she really knows how to spin a good yarn.... ;)

The pictures are almost comically out of step with this *ahem* review.
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Offline James999

 :lol: :lol: :lol: you couldn't make it up, oh she did  :sarcastic:

Offline James999

with a passion for the profession

What an odd phrase to use in a pro$$ie context, but then you used it in your AW profile as well  :wacko:

Offline baretta

This person who ever it may be deserves a booker prize award for such a tale :hi:
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Offline Atticus Finch

It interesting that when she wrote this review she slipped up by saying that she 'cursed' which is an almost exclusively US description for swearing.

And they say that yanks are dumb...

And this one actually has a passport, unlike most of her country folk.
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Offline AnthG

This guy seemed to fit a hell of a lot into his one hour booking.  :rolleyes:

No way was that written by a punter.

Her totally hot profile pictures are accurate except for she was a lot more trim and fit (she said she had just lost the 2.5 stone she gained after breaking her hip last March)

But if by the infinitesimal chance if was. I would love to know the context of that conversation for why she told him that.


Guy: You look nice, you look much slimmer in person than your photos on AW.
Girl: Yeah I have lost 2.5 stone since getting those photos taken as I broke my hip last march so piled on the pounds as a result.

No way would either people do the above. No way would a punter who wrote a review like that above, he would be too polite to say something like that. And secondly, say to any woman she is fat. Its claws out time.
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Offline Atticus Finch

What an odd phrase to use in a pro$$ie context, but then you used it in your AW profile as well  :wacko:

Exactly the same phrase she uses on her profile  :wackogirl:
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Offline ryan390390

I agree with Max1438 this lady is great and his description is true. I remember when I finished I was smiling in the elevator, and thinking what a passionate and nice lady! Any claim that this review is untrue is garbage!
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Wow! Just when you'd seen and read everything along comes this!!!
And priced so reasonably too!!!

Think I will save my cash for someone a little hotter and not totally crazy!

"I love pharmaceutical amphetamines like adipex, adderall, etc. I like methamphetamine pretty okay too. While I do like speedy drugs, my affinity for them is still no match for my lifelong passion for opiates. And I’ve had some crazy marathon sex on amphetamines but I still love the sex you have on heroin. You’re just fucking in oblivion. Can be kind of frustrating though because it takes an act of god to cum on heroin, for real." (per her twitter account)

OK..... And I thought that I was an advanced pervert because I've been to the Phoenix Club a few times.  I'm obviously just plain boring!

Aint it a geezer ? the face structure and frizzy hair makes it look like something from a hair metal band from the 80's

Offline AnthG

Aint it a geezer ? the face structure and frizzy hair makes it look like something from a hair metal band from the 80's

The guy who posted the picture of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs nailed it in my opinion.

She should put "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" inside her AW profile as the ultimate up for a laugh joke I would say. :)

Couldn't even read through it, if blokes would write like this on here I would rather start reading the Twilight trilogy  :dash:

What a load of rubbish. No punter would write so much guff.

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again"

 :lol: :lol:
I remember seeing that film with my girlfriend at the time (who was a wee bit sensitive and didn't appreciate my choice of film).
When Bill said the above lines it was too much for me and I burst out laughing, somewhat poisoning the mood at the Odeon Marble Arch on that evening.

Online pumps

Aint it a geezer ? the face structure and frizzy hair makes it look like something from a hair metal band from the 80's


Settle down Pumps.  She's prob not your sort of 'gal'.  She has movie star looks a la Freddie Kruger.  AND she's passionate about the industry.

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