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Author Topic: HOTTAMMY -Derby thai girl  (Read 1174 times)

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Offline Iloveoral

So I had a great punt at Poni with Lisa and fancied a revisit unfortunately I left it a little late in the evening, called at 10 to see if I could be cheaky and get a slightly out of hours meet, as usual, as a regular it usually isn't an issue but the phone wasn't answered :(

Had a search around and remembered Maria in Derby.... Had my eye on this for awhile so gave her a call.....I though.. This one.. https://www.adultwork.com/2274936 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+ORIENTAL+GIRL%2E

So I finally get... https://www.adultwork.com/1911075 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOTTAMMY%2E

The profile sounds great, all in for £70, anal, cim, rimming, owo - no extra costs, again unfortunately she wasn't available and pasted me on to Tammy, ok so I'm felling a little deflated now and even though I've said ok I'm on the way, half way down the A52 I'm thinking to much switching and changing maybe cancel but I keep going...

Ok third choice later... I arrive and the entrance to a modern apartment block in DE1 is discreet, I'm given a gate code and proceed to the flat, nice and clean, pleasant suprise Tammy is cute!!

So I get ready and she nips to the bathroom to freshen the downstairs meat counter and cones back fresh.
£70 - 30 mins, she's been in the bathroom 10 mins so I make a point it's now 11pm

She starts with owo, nice to not have the bollocks about it's another £20 for a change...
The owo is actually amazing, lots of effort, lots of eye contact she the looks at me and says shall I rim you? Well it would be rude to decline such a kind offer... She says turn over.. I do...
What can I say but wow that tickles haha, a mix of rim and tongue in my ass is strangely arousing, she flips me over like a cheap burger on a bbq and continues to suck my meat
 we do mish, doggy and horsey she is struggling a bit with my big cock apparently I'm very wide as well as long, I grin but she says good for boyfriend, bad for customer lol

She didn't rush or clock watch, I was there a good 45-50 mins, service performed was amazing, I was never asked for a extra penny, the only bad side was she said I was too big and be t time call her mate... Ironically I told her I did but still got her  :lol:

Apparently Maria is in Nottingham this week so watch this space!!
as for Tammy, great girl, great service, would certainly recommend 

2 review(s) found for SEXY ORIENTAL GIRL. linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)
5 review(s) found for HOTTAMMY. linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline GolfNut

I saw Tammy several times when she was in Notts a few months back.

Personally I found her to offer a good service. This was in my early days, so started of with massages which she is very good at.

She didn't seem to want to kiss, and so tended to keep her mouth closed, but her enthusiasm to please was second to none.

Her OWO was indeed very good, but she had a habit of spitting into a wet wipe every now and then. I'm very clean and haven't seen this done by anyone else. It's also flagged up on other another review which gave her a negative. Can't please everyone.

Getting rimmed by her was a first for me and was quite interesting to say the least, but the wet wipe covered finger up the bumhole is gonna be like marmite. I found it very different and a couple of times she got me to shoot my load by hand doing it and it was quite intense.

I found her attitude to be exceptional. The assisted shower at the end, and then being dressed by her was a lovely touch.

Unfortunately the Thai girls get moved around the Midlands, so once she left Notts I followed her to Derby but didn't bother travelling to Leicester. Another Thai girl I enjoyed was https://www.adultwork.com/2705840 or https://www.adultwork.com/NEW+KATIE69, also well reviewed here.

Banning reason: Undesirable

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Offline Iloveoral

I totally agree, the enthusiasm 100% to please, the cheeky wet wipe finger caught me off guard as I was face down on the bed, more WTF!!! Than aww that's nice lol

I wish I'd had the assisted shower now didn't realise she did that :)

The owo was constantly spit into a tissue, it didn't offend me as she was trying to get pretty deep down on me at the time, and it was more off a wipe across her mouth with a tissue than a disgusting split so I was ok with it, like you say others have been a little harder than that with her reviews.

Great girl, not sure if I'll revisit as I want to try a few of her friends starting with Maria next :)

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