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Author Topic: First Hotel Meet. Any Last Minute Advice?  (Read 321 times)

Got a booking lined up for tomorrow with a girl on tour but it will be my first incall at a hotel. Just wondered if there was anything I needed to know or be wary of. It is a big city centre hotel and I have a work meeting in the afternoon so I will be in a suit and will have my laptop bag with me so will hopefully just look like another businessman on his way to his room. Looking forward to this one and don't want any hiccups so any advice or do's and don't from seasoned punters would be appreciated.

(I should add that it is the WGs hotel booking not mine)

Offline SirFrank

Big hotels won't notice you unless you creep around reception looking shifty and sweating like an alcoholic at a juice bar. Find out room location (or floor) before you walk in then Waltz through reception like your billy big balls, head for the lifts and bobs your uncle. If you're taking a laptop bag, leave your fucking laptop elsewhere. One of my first punts I had a snickers bar in my jacket pocket when I rocked up. The plan was pootang and then recharge my batteries with a snickers. Got to the lift after the punt and realised it had been kifed. Fucking bitch. £120 wasn't enough for the thieving fucker , she had to have my chocolate, probably when I was in the shower washing my under crackers. Of course it may have just fallen out of my pocket but it did prove a valuable lesson. I only take a ripple with me now or possibly a small pack of minstrels, as I'm not fussed on those and wouldn't be too bothered if said girl nicked them while I'm towelling my arse crack
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Offline pumps

lol - as above really.

Also when/if you take a shower....take all your valuables in there with you (no matter how awkward you may feel about it lol), don't let her give you none of that " you can leave your stuff out here its fine" bullshit.

Walk like a general, talk like a general, dress like a general and everyone will think you are a general.

Thanks for the advice guys - especially about the valuables. I never take my wallet/ID with me anyway and don't plan on changing that. Your post had me in stitches SirFrank  :D I feel your pain though. A snickers is a big loss and she would have been straight on my blacklist, no matter how good her oral skills were  :mad:

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