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Author Topic: Melanie H x anyone seen her  (Read 588 times)

Offline JEH7376

Sorry I cant link anything from my phone: Melanie H x, blonde, body looks ok, Polish (I love Polish women), has anybody had the pleasure?

15 review(s) found for Melanie H. linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JEH7376

Thanks for that Juan I cant do links from my phone

Offline Juankerr

Offline JEH7376

Ok I had time to look at the profile I'm going to try and TOFTT tomorrow wish me luck fellas.

Profile is quite encouraging looks quite professional, hope service lives up to the profile

Offline Dodo

Yep, this looks a good one. I just wonder of she is in the same place as Pola.....some similarities on the AW profile. Would be interesting to know where her apartment is.
We are all looking forward to your review JEH
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Offline JEH7376

About time I TOFTT just don't expect a long review its a pain in the arse typing on my phone

Good luck with TOFTT Jeh. Hope you have an enjoyable time.

She looks good. We'll look forward to your review.

Offline JEH7376

Thanks all, diaries aren't going to align until the weekend will report back to you then

Comms are very quick and professional indeed so far, by the way, all good signs so far, I have got a good feeling about this one.....

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