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Offline Budgie


Forget the profile link. I saw Charlotte last week and she looks nothing like this. Instead of being a 32 year old long-haired blonde she is a short-haired brunette about late 30s. I was disappointed as soon as I saw her and was temped to walk away but she does have a decent figure and the horn got the better of me.

The kissing on offer was pretty lame and was through pursed lips. I've had more passionate kisses from my mate's Rottweiler! We started off with a bit of fingering but she was in no hurry to return the favour and tickle the boaby. When she did eventually start playing with it I thought she'd never stop and had to ask her to move on to some OWO. To be fair to her the BJ was decent enough so it was on with the jacket. I was after some anal and had picked her as it was on her profile but this wasn't on offer. Just some light anal play. By now I was totally fed up and was starting to lose the urge so I just shut my eyes, thought of someone else, and banged her quick.

Offline zag69

Thanks Dude, I was going to book her but I'll give her a miss now. I'll try Sophie instead because her pictures were taken in the flat so will be more accurate. Cheers for that matey.
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