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Author Topic: Thai sexy massage - Northampton  (Read 477 times)

Offline blueyes57


Has anyone got any experience of this Thai lady please?

She looks nice - any idea what she has to offer?

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Online paulj

If she is who I think she is, my advice would be to avoid.


Offline blueyes57

Thanks Paul, why would you avoid please?

Online paulj

I am pretty sure she is a lady that I went for an hour Nuru massage with in Leicester some while ago. I was out in 35 minutes and she had tried to upsell me three or 4 times during that period.



Going to get messy.....

Offline Pablo69

I've seen her... she gives a decentish massage... but rushes with the full service and the sex is crap. I personally would avoid. If you do go see her, when she guides to you to her property it may sound like she having a go at you lol... but she means well, its just bloody hard to find. Outta 10 I give her 5.

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