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Author Topic: sweet.tanyah44 – South Woodford  (Read 1739 times)

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Offline Hydrant

Links: https://www.adultwork.com/2779719 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%2Etanyah44

Summary: There are a couple of good reviews of Tanyah on here already. That and what seem like genuine FRs and feedback on AW are what drew my attention. She's a lovely buxom Romanian lady with a sexy glint in her eye who gives the convincing impression that she adores every moment of fucking you. As far away as you can imagine from the negative reputation that that many of her countrywomen have earned.

Comms: Very straightforward. One call, received postcode and street in a text, got there 10 mins early but called and she was ready. She'd been my Plan B but I walked away from Plan A (Jasmine_Doll: https://www.adultwork.com/3114737) when she didn't look like I expected. I'll do a brief report of that soon.

The place: Roomy and comfortable house down a side street very near South Woodford Tube. I already knew it was a grey-haired guy who lets you in and ushers you to the bottom of the stairs while Tanyah waits in the bedroom. He was very quiet and polite and she told me he's not her husband or partner, just someone there to ensure her safety.

The person: Her pictures are accurate. And boy are there a lot of them in her free gallery. She's a well-built middle-aged lady with very long jet-black hair, big natural breasts and she carries herself very well. I'd asked her to wear the white mesh top from her main profile pic with nothing underneath. She did so and it was a most arousing sight. She was very friendly, tactile and obliging. Her English is OK but not totally fluent. The best thing about her was the way she seemed to be really, really into me, my body and the way we were having sex. She even pushed me into a second orgasm when I'd given up on it.

The services: Deep French Kissing, mutual fondling, tit wank, enthusiastic and prolonged OWO (a little too vigorous for me at one point, but she slowed down when I asked), rimming (her on me), 69 with deep anal fingering, hard-pounding cowgirl sex to completion (protected), then after a rest, more OWO in a variety of positions, culminating in finally spurting my second load on to her tits. Anal is available but I usually find the physical sensation less satisfying than vaginal sex so I didn't ask for it. Love to see it porn videos though.

The lowdown: She's an attractive and very obliging lady who goes out of her way to provide a convincing GFE and seems to enjoy what she does. She likes to gently steer things along her way rather than go with your flow (I hadn't asked for rimming, for example, but she did it so skilfully I'm glad she took the initiative).

Her 'security' gave a gentle knock on the door around 60 minutes after I'd entered the room, but she said it was just a 10-minute warning and we must carry on until I managed my second pop. I'd already wanked myself stupid trying to cum on her tits without result and told her I couldn't manage it, but she sat at my feet with her back against the side of bed while I leaned over her and this final bout of OWO was enough to bring my mojo back and achieve a nice little splat between her tits, which she then rubbed all over herself.

After a leisurely shower I departed feeling exceptionally well satisfied with the whole experience. It really is hard to imagine anyone not having a good time with Tanyah.
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Offline Tarihahu

A free rim.....now that's great service

One to try soon, let's see if I'm so lucky

Thanks for the review. I mentally hot-listed Tanyah a few months ago, following David Good's review, and then forgot about her. I do love a filthy MILF every now and again (well, quite often in fact) and she seems to tick most of my boxes for that.

Bloody heck! A Romanian result  :D

Online tintin100

I am sure your opinion counts Jimmy but everyone has different taste to yours.

They're all trollops, Jimmy. And some of us like a little more meat on the bone now and again.

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