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Author Topic: Chelsea (Thai)-review i forgot to post (NW1)  (Read 465 times)

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and others...

Meeting summary-Cum Dodger

fee-paid £150 for an 1hr but £50 returned due to lies about service
time in flat-30mins

NB-This punt was in autumn 2014
so she will have changed flats now so venue irrelevant but service/looks
comments could be useful.

face-photoshopped to fuck in reality like an ugly thai Felicity Kendall
thin lips,catty face.
body-unexpectedly wide thighs for a short arse.
breasts-recently done scars visible, unnaturally firm.

phoned agency and asked if she was free and could they confirm
owo cim and dfk.txt back to say yes.
confirmed services with Chelsea in the room before i handed over cash
(my standard practise).

her bj was not good,very light and kept taking it out of her mouth.
i also got an unpleasant side boob view of her recent surgery scar
as she sucked.
while getting owo i felt the sap rising and warned her,
just before i came she has moved her head about a foot away
leaving me to come a big load all over myself ,pissed off - i asked what
she was doing, she kept repeating 'i sorry,i sorry' as she cleaned me up.
at no point did any cum enter her mouth.

lay on the bed feeling annoyed,she comes and lies next to
me asking what i want to do next at which point i asked her why she
didn't take my cum? she then gave me her explanation of cim which involved
"no take water in my mouth" so glad she cleared that up!
told her in a friendly way that i wanted to cut short the punt
and would need a refund,and then phoned agency,after a brief chat
passed the phone to her and she went and returned £50 without



sweet girl(maybe)
didn't argue about refund
apologised about 10 times

apologies i didn't post this at the time
see this recent review

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