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Author Topic: Sonya...  (Read 1530 times)

6 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 1904750) (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/1904750 or https://www.adultwork.com/sonya%2E%2E%2EE

I had a spare couple of hours so decided to book an hour punt. Being a tightwad I normally only ever do 30 minutes but I thought I'd splash out and go for 1 hour. Checked my hotlist and from 20+ girls there was only a handful available. Typical! After failing to get Wet Nicole and Naughty Sarah I gave Sonya a call. I only gave her 20 minutes notice but she was happy to take the booking for £100.

I arrived promptly at the apartment on Great Hampton St. Parked right outside with no issues and sent the 'I'm here' text. She asked for 5 more minutes and then I received the instructions to get in.

After wresting with the front door for a few minutes (there's a knack to it) I made my way up to her door. Sonya opened the door in a silk black robe, she had a really pretty face, very tidy body and had a sexy Italian accent. So far so good!

I asked for a shower, which was no problem. I did notice that the toilet seat was up in the bathroom, make of that what you will. When I returned to the room Sonya removed her robe and lay on the bed wearing matching bra and knickers. I slid next to her and put my hand on her stomach. She removes my hand and tells me they're too cold and we'll have to wait while they warm up.... Sigh. She proceeds to just lie there. So we chat for a while - I use the term 'we' very loosely, its mainly her telling me how she doesn't like Birmingham because men don't treat her with respect.. All this while I'm waiting to fuck her for money. I knew at this point it wasn't going to go well.

We're 15 minutes in and and literally nothing has happened so I take control, start to kiss her body and rub her clit while she still lay there flinching. I ask her for oral, so she pulls out my cock and and asks if I want OW or OWO. I ask for without, she said that was OK but she uses wipes. Ok fine I thought. It was the worst BJ I've ever had, she barely had it in her mouth and constantly kept giving me a wipe down every few seconds. I lost patience and told her I changed my mind and wanted OW. Her technique didn't improve though.
We then moved to 69 which was fine, her pussy was very nice and tasted great.
I then said I wanted to fuck doggy style, again no issues, her pussy was nice and tight and the view of her arse was a real turn on. Things are starting to improve. On to Cowgirl next and to be fair to her she put the effort in but there was zero eye contact. We then did missionary and to be honest she looked bored, hands by her side, no noises and just stared at the wall. I enquired about anal as its on her likes list but she told me I was too big. I actually laughed out loud at this as I've never been told that in my life - trust me I'm average on my best day.

So we've been shagging for around 10-15 minutes and she asks for a rest. Ok I thought, there's still plenty of time left so I don't mind taking a breather. She even lay on the bed and shut her eyes for a while. After a couple of minutes I try and climb back on top of her and she tells me she's too 'sensitive' and we can't fuck anymore! She told me my cock was too hard for her... What the he'll?! I asked if I'd thrusted too hard previously, but no, no, it wasn't that my cock was just 'too stiff' (I'm as confused as anyone)  :unknown:. So her pussy was now out of bounds. I wasn't having another crap BJ so I asked for a hand job to finish. She even told me to warn her when I was about to cum so she could catch it with a tissue.. and she even stopped wanking mid orgasm! Just awful.

I left 20 minutes early annoyed, frustrated and £100 lighter.

6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline bod666

That sounds like a girl who's been too busy and needs to take a break. She was obviously in no condition to take your booking. That's one off my hotlist.

Sorry to hear you had a shite time - definite negative all the way that.

Offline Excalibur

A terrible Punt Goblin.  I know it is no consolation to you but if it had been me my small head would of re-treated long before a tissue collecting pop. While not on my hot list she was in my 'consideration list'.

I saw her a couple of months ago, very pretty girl and great body. I wouldn't recommend the HJ... nearly ripped me dick off. Pussy tasted great though and im sure she would of let me lick it for the full hour. Oh and the tissues....she must have a cupboard full. Still I thought she was ok compared to one or two horrors ive had in the past

Offline Topgun

I met her about two years ago, nice looking girl but nothing special at all, sweet and somewhat quiet personality.

Sex was average, can't remember much about it now.

But interesting read of your review. I've met a few escorts were more or less like this. Really makes you feel like she should pay you the money not the other way round as its such a crap experience.

Just think all the money she has lost other escorts from newbie punters who decide to never see a whore ever again and so tell all their friends don't bother seeing escorts as they will regret it.
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Banning reason: Troll

Offline Placebo88

Has anyone seems Sonya since this review.She has a mixed bag of reviews , was wondering if service level was on a downward slide or if it is more a case of what Sonya you happen to get on the day.

Is kissing limited to closed mouth only and does she allow fingering?

I like her photos , but have first hand experience of the kind of booking described in this review ( not the same girl ) so am hesitant.If there are things to suggest that she really dislikes the work or that there is any coercion involved then I want no part of it .I know it is very hard to be sure , but this review raised concerns for me so am interested to know if anyone else feels similarly.

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