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Author Topic: TLC Birmingham - Tues 20th Morning  (Read 1227 times)

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The girls were:

Well having never been to an event like this and being curious for ages and ages, I decided why not take the plunge and booked a place for the morning event, communications were somewhat brief but clear and I managed to find the place alright, I did let them know I would be a little bit late and this wasn't a problem.

I will say that having never been to a sex party and me being late I was some what taken a back to be rushed to go change and shower and then seem to catch everyone during a break, it was a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere with drinks being offered and chatting with a few people, I had expected more but it seemed that apart from myself there were only three others (apparently another newbie had turned up and left after the first hour). Soon though everybody was led upstairs. I will say all the girls were great though not to knock the other the stand out was Trixi for me, exactly my type.

However even though I stayed the full remaining two hours that flew by I don't think the party scene was for me as despite the girls best efforts the mind was willing but the flesh was not, I just couldn't relax enough with other people around, maybe its the sort of thing you acclimatise too the more you go but on this occasion it just wasn't happening, pity, but at least I tried something new.

Overall I give this a positive even if I didn't get the full experience

Offline Teessider

Kragdollo - you had 3 'full on' experienced party girls there - understandable that a newbie might be a bit overawed.  :wacko:

At least you had a go, and if you decide to go again, you will probably feel a bit more confident next time.

Also, a half bluey may help if you need a little extra boost.  ;)

... and ignore what the guys may be doing, concentrate on the girls.  :dancegirl:

Hi Kragdollo

I remember my first party and how nervous I was, I went soft on Luiza and that's virtually impossible. :dash:

Would have to agree with Teessider  that half a blue pill will definitely help if you do decide to go again, my second visit had none of the nerves of first time as I knew what to expect.

Offline pkings

Hi i went to Wednesday morning with just Charlotte and Gina

Arrived first and being a first timer i was taken aback by what was happening when they both went at me both very attractive girls Gina tried hard, Charlotte seems to talk and laughed a lot throughout and Not sure if she was enjoying it both nice to chat with whilst getting drinks inbetween it was all very relaxed

Was all a bit surreal another nice chap came which eased me a little, then another 3 people came one with a big dick another good looking chap with muscles! Nice watching but felt overawed in 3 hour i did not manage a cum despite a lot of owo/ow hand action oral on the girls was nice
i think about 5 of us in total all first timers me and 2 others stayed to the end, my mistake was not to join in the last 40 minutes and then it was too late! :dash:

... and ignore what the guys may be doing, concentrate on the girls.  :dancegirl:

is excellent advice for all first timers which is what i will do if i go back.
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Offline vt

I couldn't really believe what had happened to me after my first party...a bit shell-shocked I was replaying all the events over & over in my mind...wondering if I had dreamed it!  :D

I had to go back the next week to make sure it was real...there was definitely a lot less apprehension the second time as I knew the set-up, knew the layout & procedure, got used to the idea of fucking in the presence of other guys and generally what to expect from the girls...I could then just concentrate fully on enjoying myself.  :cool:

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